Only in Kentucky (26 Photos)

A few strange headlines from the great state of Kentucky. I’m sure they aren’t indicative of most people in Kentucky, but still, they exist…

Found via Buzzfeed

  • nope

    Chive meet up in Louisville!?

    • bluemoon6790


    • JustSayin'


      • Ronnie

        lexington is the worst excuse of a city on planet earth

    • goof

      We had one for Groundhog Day. It was small, but great!

  • B-to-the-H

    #6 – He was just doing some research for his role in the new movie he was in.

  • Alumni72

    Something tells me it was all downhill from there …

  • UofLosers

    Louisville is like a concrete cesspool in the middle of an otherwise green and gorgeous state. Line beards and visors run rampant there….

  • Nick

    Damn crazy Kaintucks

  • crgabe

    The urban/rural fight in Kentucky goes back centuries. The state flag has a city guy shaking hands with a country guy in a gesture of compromise and understanding. Except we can't see the country guy's left hand. Because he has a knife in it. Sunzabitches!

  • tooblueforyou

    Stay classy KY, keep making me proud

  • steve

    At least no one is picking on Florida for a change!

  • cordialb

    #14 happened just over a mile from my house. And as the police were taking off the tape, the guy actually claimed he was framed. lol

    There really is no place like home…

  • Dirty Budha

    #3 Happened in Austin Texas as well, unfortunately the guy still got the DUI.
    To answer future question, not all of us own a horse…they're expensive to feed.

  • bluemoon6790

    Well then… My hometown finally made national news. Yay for us at #7.

  • Truman

    We have an openly gay mayor in Lexington… Pretty progressive huh?

  • 40511

    It's still the best state ever! How 'bout them CATS!

  • glw


    Go Yewkay

  • Cato

    Just to add another. Meth lab found inside Walmart.

  • Dustin

    I've lived in Kentucky my entire life. It's a beautiful place and home to one of the best things in life, Keenland. Nothing like a Saturday full of bourbon girls and horse racing. For those who have never been it is a must when you come to Kentucky.

  • Jawbone

    #8 To be fair, the "art" in question was wood stacked in front of a building.

  • ChiveApprentice

    As most of you can see. This is just a taste of why the UofL vs. UofK rivalry is the best. The entire state cant stand Louisville the city or the sports team. And Louisville pretty much puts up with the rest of the state. Both sides cannot stand each other.

  • Jawbone

    Yeah. Louisville is a gem. Highest unsolved murder rate in the Commonwealth. Typical Louisville douchebag statement.

  • vegasnites

    Yeah… it's a great state…..

    … that's why I left 15 years ago and they have to get wild horses to drag me back on occasion.

  • Pants

    People forget that we are the only force holding back the hordes of Indiana. It's thanks to us that the south can stay pure!

    • indiana

      Well thanks to Indiana for the chive!

  • 137

    I was actually married in the church #4 last May and went to school with this guy. He's a winner. The punishment is rather entertaining, read more:

  • Southern Man

    Post a gallery like this from Detroit, Chicago, Camden, Richmond, Newark, Memphis, New Orleans, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, Charlotte, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Cleveland, New York City, Albany, etc. Think it'd be funny then?

  • Baker

    Chive on from Bowling Green KY!

  • Jeff Nealis

    It's not like this stuff happens right in front of you here, you have too look for it. I live in Lexington and i had only heard of two of the stories in this thread before.

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