• tits Mcgee

    Jim Lahey and Randy would not approve. ShitHawks randy….. shithawks….

  • Ireland4517

    Does he have a sister??

  • Luimi_


  • jokerz4fun

    I'm shocked he lives in a trailer park.

  • Fuck N Right

    i guess this guy might have dropped a bar of soap in prison and paid dearly lmao

  • No way

    What do you expect from a trailer park trash ball

  • @IAM_splashnasty

    disturbing mr woods

  • KCCO Kevin

    my ex girlfriend used to do the same thing

  • ronfin

    Next video, steroid guy chokes on hotdogs. Society wins.

  • Southern Chiver


  • Pants


  • Picture needed.

    Where's the Gaaay Seal?

  • Parker

    Is it wrong that I hope this guy chokes and dies one day?

  • RCLefty17

    I'm sorry but is the a magic show?

  • KCCO

    Just wasted 50 seconds of my life and wasting more time trying to figure out what I just watched.

  • Holden McGroin

    da fuq?

  • Stakules

    That is just country

  • Wally Range

    He seems very indecisive..

  • SmashasaurusRex


  • StevieB

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand some people post pictures on the internet :I

  • Colbey Rice

    Try that.. Haha.. Try that with your dick!

  • nick

    even if i don't get a raise at work tomorrow im still doing better than this guy.

  • MEAT

    100$ to he who can do this with a cup of peanut butter

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