Tugging on your clothes grabs my attention (37 Photos)

  • mattyg2k

    #35 needs to be an animated gif…

    • ilm

      like turning water into wine

    • grumpy

      I miss back when Chive used to do "Things that Bounce" gif day. You have to be Original Chiver to remember those days.

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      love the "trying to pack an ass into too small pants" idea…hey, there's an idea for a post…


  • Xsoldier2000

    There's just something about #9…..

    • Xsoldier2000

      Ok, maybe TWO somethings…

      • Epitomizer

        Her Boobs. I bet your talking about her boobs. It is isn't it? Boobs.

        • Grammar Nazi

          You're talking*

          • Epitomizer

            I do it on purpose now.

    • Iso

      Definitely my favorite

    • You're welcome

      Daisy Lynn from My Free Cams.

    • boob_cuddler

      Pierced nipple.

    • Wow

      Face caught me, boobs kept me. Here she is again. #9

      • Walter Sobchak

        Am I the only one around here who think she looks like a dude?!

    • clenis
      • miyagi

        U should specify NSFW dude.

        • notyou

          it's on Tumblr, you should assume NSFW

        • clenis

          What part about this entire post is actually safe for work?

    • bdg

      #19 FTW but #6 #9 and #10 are scrumptious!!!!!! Makin' my tongue swell up!!!

  • AverageJohnnie

    #28 yeah you're really cute

    • Epitomizer

      …and good to go I assume.

    • Marco

      Now kiss…

    • Guest

      Especially the blonde on the left.

  • John

    #19 #29 and #30 are very sexy!

    • Baer

      is #29 Arya Stark from the future?????!?!

      • Frank M


        …Seriously!!! DAMN!!!

      • Luv TnA

        Rosie Robinson

  • ESPN2013

    #3, #4, #25, #37. the chive is just on point today

    • in love with paula

      #25 looks like this chick: slayfitness.blogspot.com

  • Trey

    #16 Those are some big pepperonis

  • RIguy

    #22 olivia!!! (Wipes drool from chin)

    • http://twitter.com/ItIsDanTheMan @ItIsDanTheMan

      I love knowing how much of a freak she is.

  • ilovewomen

    #19 is incredible, please moar

    • Notknowing

      Beautiful SQUISHAAAAY!

    • Papi


    • Peter

      What the HELL is on the bed behind her. Looks like a silver catfish.

    • DARHump

      If you are in to obese women.

      • jude


        #25 is more my speed

  • Bama dammit

    #3 Got this one off the ground super quick! Beautifully candid.

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    #7 #9 #14 #29 #32
    All have me tugging on something too!

    • Epitomizer

      Your penis. I bet it's your penis.

  • Huell

    #25 "You had my curiosity… But now you have my attention."

    • sfb101

      Should have said "you have me AT attention"

      • Huell

        ↑↑ No

  • http://www.GremlinPrince.com GremlinPrince

    I need to meet these women

    • Ass_Man

      Your going to need some chloroform and a rag… preferrable cotton.

  • Fuck n Right

    #32 ill give you something to " Tug " on lol

    • Peter

      Is she "lol" ing while she's tugging you? A period or coma might clear this up for me.

  • Smoke

    #13,#25,#27If only they had a free hand, they could Tug something else…

  • jmonster

    All sexy, but I'm going with #9 barely over #3

  • Lucas_Schmidt

    Damn #8

  • well played

    You follow up POV with this post? Well played CHIVE, well played.

  • KingThing


  • yep

    #5 gorgeous! MOAR plzzz

    • WalterSobchak_

      #5 #7 #12 Bring any one of them to me.

    • Marco

      #5 – Nice, but you should not take pictures like that in your daughter's room!

  • Steve

    #27 oldy but goody

    • Steve

      #25. So sorry

  • yep

    #12 wowzers. #16 wowzers

  • Bobby

    #3 is my friend and she's the shit!!!!!!!

    • ouch


      • Bobby

        she's married dickweed….and i'm taken as well. quit trolling

        • derp

          cool story bro

          • Bobby

            hey douche canoes, haters gonna hate….she's even sexier in person.

            • Immaletyoufinish

              Interesting… she probably has you wishing you weren't married to some other woman, am I right? 😉

        • Ass_Man

          Funny… I don't remember anyone talking about you. You sound like the fat chick that always hangs around the hot ones… talk about trolling !!

        • Yep

          the psychology on this one is just way too easy:
          1. immediate hostility
          2. mention of her marriage first
          3. own relationship is an addendum
          4. attempt to temper own outburst with accusation of trolling
          this poor sod is in love with jesse's girl…

  • Mr X

    Mother-tugging good

  • rollin coal


    for the love of god, find her!! MOAR!

    • Alex

      Am I the only one that thinks she kinda looks like a grown up version of the girl who plays Arya on GoT? but waaay hotter ofc

    • The Finderator

      Rosie Robinson. You're welcome.

    • Troy

      Better looking version of Rhianna

  • Brian


    APB….Must Find.

    • dwc928s4

      agrred, need to see more of those eyes

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