Best photos of the week (70 Photos)

  • Bob

    you shall not pass

    • Bruce LeeRoy

      Folks, do we have a bead on #30? Complete hotness, ya dig?

  • Txchiver

    #68 Like a boss


    #66 you should know that you're part of my motivational screensaver while I study.

    • Ghettoblaster

      Riiiiiiight…. Study

      • JESSE

        *ahem, er… um… what are you talking about?

    • herp de derp

      while you study the effect of friction on your penis

    • Mike Myers

      I bet she has a fucked up grille. Never shows the pearlies…. (Hint: please show us your smile!!!)

    • @angryprof13

      let's just get her to be COTW already!

  • asdf


    • Joe

      You have a cute face and beautiful boobies

  • JAG


    • LowCal

      Gorgeous eyes, gorgeous everything. FIND THAT GIRL.

      • Gonndo

        I'm pretty sure she's a mexican actress, Dulce Maria and if she's not, it's at least her doppelganger

      • marcjwrz

        Marilyn Vianney Uribe

    • JBlazer


    • @angryprof13

      Where's the "not fat, just a lil husky" picture at when you need it?


    Lorry for the win AGAIN!!

  • MissZip

    #70 How, exactly, does that even happen?

    • Matt

      I replied with the same exact question!

    • jb366

      It starts with years and years of endless indulgence in fried foods, twinkies, and ho ho's.

    • Black guy

      Fried shicken!

    • ilm

      Krabby Patties

      • Squidward

        But then you explode.

    • Chug

      From what I can find, it's a genetic quirk.

  • Julio_Fungoolio

    #13 James Bond, the early years.

    • Guest

      Q: Breast milk or formula?
      A: Do I look like I give a damn?

  • Canada!

    will this comment be deleted?

    • Administrator

      Not this time compadre.

  • maltydoggy

    another great week chive, thanks for the help getting through it!

  • Sean W

    #4 You really think that's going to stop it?

    #8 Sweet baby Jesus that's excellent.

    #41 Made my week.

    #64 I'll bet he does.

  • NobleChive

    #48. Got DAMN!

    • jb366

      I second that motion

      • @kooshbox

        I'll third that motion

        • Simon_Sez

          All in favor! Reply MOAR!

    • mctrippa

      Sorry, fresh out.

  • Julio_Fungoolio

    #41 still captures my attention, it's hard to scroll past this one.

  • trex

    #8 Jesus Titty Fucking Christ! I'd take the third one down out to Chilis

    • PDiags

      You take the 3rd one, I'm so head over heels with the first one, I can't even remember my name !! She is stupid hot, so hot she makes me stupid !! I just wish I could get some wallpaper sized pics of her, preferably ones that I take myself 😀

    • Catalysterik

      @violaceousgirl she's a pretty cool dorky girl

    • XD

      I'd do more than take her to chilis.

      • Epitomizer

        I bet it's sex. Or motor boating. Maybe both. . I bet it's both.

    • Fuck N Right

      if i had that we aint fkn going to damn chilis lol

  • Allen

    12 and 69

    • XD

      #12 and #69 ?

    • Imzkid

      Equals 81!

  • LowCal

    #41, So maybe Lorry could be a regular occurrence on the Chive?

    • Internets

      I had the same reaction as John to this gif.

  • whoami

    #40 did nobody notice her giant man hands. I'll admit that i didn't at first but after a solid fap my mind began to notice.

    • Fatboyt

      I think you are projecting…

      • jb366

        If that were the case I would of picked up on it pre-fap

    • Alex

      Your an idiot

      • Ghettoblaster


    • Brit

      Hmm… I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that you have really small hands….

    • Epitomizer

      Made for holding a man sized penis, which is probably why you thought they looked so big.

    • CoryK

      You looked at her hands?!?! I didn't even know this girl had an upper body for the first 45 minutes…

  • Thunderhawk

    I'd like to play with #45 's balloons.

    • Who

      Who is that?

  • RooFeeOOO

    I want to have Power Ranger sex #57 with her pink ranger #58 or #66

  • Chaos

    #10 sneaky Canadians…though make sense, most drugs are carried by "good" drivers…better yet, need the stat on how many people were arrested for "good driving"?

    • Canadian

      I'm pretty mad at ya there, but I forgive you eh.

    • Teego Time

      'merica did this too. Happened in Washington a few years ago.

  • Sue

    #70 Are you.. Ugh.. I mean… fuck I have no words… Seriously?

  • jimbob

    #51" I swear I thought they bounced"

    and #69 because I bet that bounces

  • RGH


    In my dreams she is making pancakes…

    • John

      Carol Seleme

      • boob_cuddler

        Yep. One of the finest asses on the Internet.

  • dima_c

    #12 #48 #69 best of the week…nailed it!

  • ZackMorrisIsADick


    • ThisGuy

      You do make an interesting point.

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