Best photos of the week (70 Photos)

  • Zac

    #57 I…i want to…i NEED to know what happens next!…

  • Pikesville

    #66 If you ever get tired of being called, "classy", and, "lady", simply participate in any of the thoughts that run through my mind when I see you. I would decimate your reputation.

  • Javier Campechano

    I don't know what broke the trance that #41 had on me, but I'm glad it did. I could literally spend the rest of the weekend just staring at that magnificent beauty.

  • Hobknober

    #12 and #69
    My two favorite numbers

    • WaycoolJr

      And two fav pics

    • Faust

      I concur

  • njassman

    #69 AWESOME!!!

  • eric

    I'm not sure what's happening in #15 but I like it.

  • Fuck N Right

    #56 Lmao

  • Doug Oakland

    who is #52?

  • Bobestradamus

    Do the ads really need to take up 60% of the screen?

    • Not Steve Jobs

      Use Firefox browser with NoScript add-on and they won't.
      Allow,, and scripts to see the comments.

  • Turk… m. The. Fact that #10 from tug at their clothes did not make weeks best is all resume/evidence I need to become the new content coordinator mr. Chive hiring coordinator!!!!

  • evart bum

    #33 MOAR, MOAR, MOAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERFECTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KCCO

  • Turk

    This is photo I meant to post.

  • Alikazam76

    #69 such an appropriate number!!! MOAR!!! nom nom nom

  • Billy

    what part of tx #15

  • DaveF

    #20 *Duplex

  • Morgan

    #14 fag

  • sam

    #30-#66-#69 MOAR!.

  • Joey

    #61 i could not disagree more. i mean if you dont wife her after ONE year than wtf are you doing??

  • dhmosh
  • Th3lawmak3r76

    #47 worth it

  • Arjay


  • jjj

    #15, #19 and #69 WOW CHIVE THESE GODESSES MUST BE FOUND!!!!!

  • Johnathon Pham

    #15 the boob shirt

  • BMR

    #12 I have absolutly NO WORDS! That is just my definition of perfetct!

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