Ever wondered what a girl likes in a man? (24 Photos)

  • KnicksRule

    #6 Florida's old Gov. Charlie Crist!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Ireland914 Daniel Ireland

    New to the internet?

  • Glen

    Ever heard of Firefox and AdBlock Plus?

    … guess not…

    • fucking glen

      only about 6 or 7 times now glen. fuck glen.

  • Wickedslick

    #16 I can't see any difference between these two skinny ass twigs.

    • dirtysteve99

      You're the reason society is getting messed up about body image.

  • Bark

    Wow Chive community fail right there

  • reality_check

    Yeah yeah yeah… this what they all say… unless you're not hot. Then looking at them, smiling at them, noticing them, whatever… becomes "creepy." But MEN are the shallow ones… right.

  • Stay_Classy

    #23 all day, Yo! haha Jesse is a boss.

  • http://twitter.com/stefanielame @stefanielame

    #7 is my favorite hahahahah

  • AverageJohnnie

    Thank you Chive. I scrolled down and only saw the title at first. THEN I saw the picture of Bean and proceeded to have one of the best laughs induced by a Chive image in awhile. Was not expecting what I saw. Thank You

  • pannychous

    LISTEN, CHIVE: I'd pay $10 for a DECENT app with NO ADS. TEN FUCKING DOLLARS. Your iOS app is fucking garbage, and the ads make it nearly intolerable. "pissed chiver" is right. And why, WHY is Facebook my only login option to post comments? Where is intensedebate and all the other shit I don't use (but others might)?

    Fix the bugs. Your audience is ENORMOUS now, as is evident with your shirt sales, and ALL of them have smartphones. Some of us like to Chive at work, but Big Brother has blocked your site for many of us, forcing us to use our phones. It used to be unusable, and now you've done a great job at upgrading it to barely tolerable.

    FIX IT. Please.

    • Crazy_Jake

      Do your fucking job instead of wasting the company's or taxpayers money while at WORK. Check CHIVE when you get home or OFF WORK!

      • pannychous


    • alex

      you are aware that if you hold your finger on the screen the ad disappears right??? holy shit chill out, retards

  • https://www.facebook.com/Bynzy Robyn Nikkel


  • http://twitter.com/zbiyking @zbiyking


  • Jummy

    The whole ad thing is stupid. I clicked on it so I could give their annoying app a bad review just out of spite. The app is not even available in Canada. So why are you even annoying me? And for some reason I can't download Adblock either. I use chrome on iPhone. Anyone know why it won't work other than useless "You're a moron!" kinda help?

  • Aaron

    Since I can't even like/dislike from my phone anymore here is another fuck off to the shit head who approved the half screen ads.

  • bradk

    Its a problem on android phones too. I dont think they've ever looked at there site from a phone.

    • duh


  • Some Guy

    Making crêpes is cooking now? It's a step above box macaroni n cheese but I'd still wouldn't call that cooking.
    Make a soufflé and I'll be impressed.
    Also, #7 woke up the neighbours.

  • Bulls

    Well that's 2 minutes of my life I'll never get back. Get your shit together, Chive

  • thecircu5

    Saw this in izismile a few days ago, still funny though! #1 We all know Mr. Bean is getting some.

  • Mike

    90% of screen filled with ads way to sell out chive. Thanks a lot !

  • josh

    The trolls have found a new home at the chive. Not talking negative comments, just random I have no fucking life so I'll post whatever comes to my virgin brain comments. Ebaums this is becoming. To bad….was a good site. And comments help make it fun. Alas no longer.

    • josh

      And the ads…..really? Like the tons of shirt sales wasn't enough? Not like you guys even pay a photographer. I can copy and paste too.

  • http://twitter.com/jimalee @jimalee

    #8, #22, #23, & #24, which is by far the best. Thank you. Just, thank you.

  • Hiro

    #11 this is an actual brother for you

  • Pissed

    Instead of viewing your site, I'm forced to view Subway ads. Fuck off

  • Anoniphone

    The ads are horrendous…. It blocks half my screen… Please fix this ASAP!!

  • ben

    Ending on a chainsaw murder… good high note.

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