I have a feeling we can Find Her (36 Photos)

  • FLChiver

    #3 and #11. Guess she needs to be found twice.

    • Jim

      Try the dumpster. Those tats tell me she's trash

      • too long

        agreed, ugly as fuck

      • http://www.facebook.com/GaryMichaelHall Gary Hall

        Speaking of dumpsters… your mom said to bring her needles back.

      • Irish-Man

        While I'm not into tats, why do tats make her trash?

        • JIm

          She ruined her perfectly amazing hot body to be a sell out. "expression" of sheep…baaaaah. Bet there are DB's on here that have TaTs because they like the conversation/show off piece.

          • MCSteve

            Well Jim, you are just a good ol' fashioned dick.

            • JIm

              Bet you have a Tat that you think is cool. Hope it gives you super powers MCSteve.

    • leafsfan2005
      • tex

        Alectro Suicide in google

    • jeff

      get a girlfriend pervert.

      • Ryan

        Says the guy who clicked on a post about finding more photos of gorgeous girls. Retard.

    • Guest

      Those tattoos look like she smells like b.o. Just trashy

    • Arrrrrrrrrrg

      I agree with the double post=have to find her twice. These other DBs don't know what they are talking about.

    • Dave

      She is gorgeous and the tattoos she has are an expression of herself personality which is hot as hell. So stop judging girls with ink.

      • Jim

        The more ink the lower the self esteem! First grade game is all you need and they spread em. Love them easy chicks!

        • Ray

          What does ink have to do with self esteem? If you don't like tattoos that's fine but don't hate on someone else because they don't follow your lifestyle dick.

          • Johnny

            I love ink. Every slut i've slept with has had tats the more tats the sluttier/freakier. Tats are like Billboards for daddy Issues. I LOVE TATTOOS ON CHICKS!

  • DickFister

    Bottom's up!

    • Jrow

      this is Miri Hanai

    • Guest

      Mariana Cordoba nsfw

      • WalterSobchak_

        nice try fuck face, Mariana cordoba = trap

    • Derp

      Ha! Not sure if you knew this but sometimes a girls "bum" is called a "bottom" making your comment a double entendre.

  • HeiaNorge

    Hei hei

  • ESPN2013

    #3, i was hooked on her the first time she showed up on the chive, so finding her is a must

  • Huell

    #5 Find all 4 of them!

    • Guest

      Malin Ackerman????

      • Kidicarus

        That's what I thought.

        • DJ Davis

          Yes she decided to give up her lucrative movie star career and focus on her bud light girl work.

          • Huell


    • Chris Brown

      No, just the tall one.

      • Huell

        No, all 4 of them. I want all 4 of them to be found.

    • BVH

      I know the 2 on the right. Went to ASU with them.

      • ASU

        Kate Brugh, this is a super old picture though 6-7 years.

      • Huell

        Lucky bastage.

    • TNchiver

      Yeah, find em all and tell them to drink/promote better beer! Oh well, still hot!

    • Eric

      Diablo girl?

  • ggreggggg

    #9 is A. Photoshop

    • canadianchivette

      I hope so! FLBP! lol

      • maboze1x

        I hope not! Meeting her would be nice. 😉

    • dave

      a damn good one

    • Guest

      mariellarose user on reddit, shopped some

    • basbylivershot

      that or it's katee owen, the only other possibility

      • dre

        what it says on the right bottom of the pic is sublimify.tumblr.com.

        You will see why my man "ggreggggg" is just right. Well done though. Nicest pair I've seen in a long time.

    • bob


      not shopped.

      • jimmy

        The tumbler is set up for people to send in pics so they can be shopped. Sorry but it's shopped. If you scroll down on the site there is before and after pics.

        • MMV99

          I concur, sublimity, while they do nice work, shop butts, waists, breasts and noses.

  • Where's Dildo

    #18 Please find her and whatever toys she uses on herself

    • Max

      Sabrina Suzuki

      • dman

        Haha not even close. She's from Vancouver

    • Derp


  • IrishInNJ

    #4 Kay Franklin

    • Spud

      Kayleen Franklin

  • ESPN2013

    #33 is a red haired goddess

    • pingpong

      Suicide girl Lass English. NSFW.

      • Ander

        hmmmm…. Don't think so… wheres the tats? Lass looks younger and skinnier too. Lass is hot tho and itd be nice if she was a chivette

    • https://www.facebook.com/oski.derkonig Oscar Gutiérrez
  • IrishInNJ

    #30 Hannah Russell

    • http://www.facebook.com/kristoffer.easterly Kristoffer Easterly

      I assume you are talking about a different Hannah Russell from the Olympic swimmer?

      • http://www.facebook.com/william.jones.507 William Jones

        no h in this hannah he just spelled the name wrong here.

  • Iso

    #30 is Hanna Russell

    • mynameis

      I figured it out. All the so called db naysayers are trying to destroy the chive by degrading the woman so that the ladies won't post anymore! I am calling all the true real deal chivers. Report all the comments that degrade anything the chive stands for! Chivers unite and let's take our site back the way it was designed to be CHIVE NATION!!

  • MEAT

    #20 quit playing on your stupid cell phone, get in the kitchen and make daddy a damn sandwich….now…

    • https://www.facebook.com/mario.v.tellez Mario V Tellez

      Most deffinately we want MOAR!!!!!

    • FLChiver

      Don't be a dick.

      • MEAT

        Fuck you, cunt.

        • gingergreek

          time to beat some meat!!

    • Guest

      Learn how to drive too ..stop putting on makeup and twirling your hair ..oh yea stop texting as well

      • http://www.facebook.com/jess.kingery Jess Kingery


        • Gonz

          Jess, umm…did you just find yourself? Awesome! And thank you, you are gorgeous!

  • Dick

    You really want to find #17? Try the closest gutter.

    • Kidicarus

      That's pretty dickish, Dick, but yeah she kind of looks strung out.

    • Nate

      Looks like she just woke up and still has sleepy eyes. Sometimes that happens. If you ever woke up next to a chick you would know

    • http://www.facebook.com/tarohde Troy Rohde

      A girl that can look that damn beautiful with little to no make-up on needs to be found.

    • Jazz Alexander

      That person is me and this photo was taken early in the morning, I just woke up. Sorry I'm not pretty enough for you Dick.

      • Jouhker

        Obviously Dick got a lot of thumbs down for that comment. A sure sign he was wrong!

      • canadian guy

        he's just some retard behind a keyboard. You are beautiful!

        • Jazz Alexander

          Thank you guys, if you want moar then moar you shall get 🙂 keep a look out for this English Chivette.

          • canadian guy

            We definitely do want moar!

      • Dick

        Ugggghhh. You should have gone back to bed and slept off that case of the uglies you got there.

        • Jazz Alexander

          Everyone is entitled to their opinion Dick.

  • maboze1x

    #6 #9 #36 Is a MUST FIND!!!!!

  • ThisGuy

    http://thechive.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/weari…. Ahh damn you windows phone.

  • Julio_Fungoolio

    #32 I've liquidated all my assets, let this hunt begin.

    • Jeff

      Shelby Chesnes

    • Michael

      Melanie Iglesias

      • Michael

        I stand corrected.

  • Zach

    #19 agreed, she is perfect we need MOAR!

    • Jon

      I'm pretty. Sure I know her. Went to the same high school.

      • https://www.facebook.com/zach.rataezyk Zach Rataezyk

        I'm pretty sure I did too!

        • SudburyChiver

          You guys need to search your yearbooks for the rest of us.

    • Adam

      I love this girl. It doesn't get any better. Love those eyes.

  • nix-hr

    #6 and #18 I vote for them to find!

  • jmonster

    I'm glad I made it past the epic rack in #9 to witness the freckled awesomeness of #26 and #30

    • dustinmd

      epic fake photoshoped rack you mean

    • bdg

      #26 is nicole montero a bit nsfwish

    • bdg

      #26 is nicole montero nsfwish

  • besley
    • karloz

      that´s right, she is mexican model Marylin Uribe

      • besley

        That's what I said, you stupid fucker

  • gs425

    Just her? #5

    • Chris Brown

      Yes, just her.

      • https://www.facebook.com/james.ramos.355 James Ramos

        Do you plan on beating her?

      • gs425

        Ye of little imagination son.

    • kim

      I am almost sure that is actress Malin Akermin

      • Huell

        It's not. Malin Ackerman is an actress, not a Bud Lite girl.

  • Mike re

    Yep! #35

  • BMR


  • Paws

    May be Emilie Voe Nereng, the teenage Norwegian blogger. She's legal where I live!

  • biff

    #27 mattress actress

    Jessica Dolan

    Google for some MySpace and quasi nsfw fappage

    • Lucas_Schmidt

      I've seen her before but i didn't knew her name, thank you bro.

    • ChaseTheWalker

      Myspace?? You know this is 2013 right?

      • biff

        Did I put her pics on MySpace????

    • Biff

      For what its worth… I've been stalking this actress for quite some time, waiting for some more fun to show up on the net, she's been kind of cold since around 2011… really sad too, cause she is capable of some good work. I suggest searching the following phrases, and don't do it at work. Jessica Dolan Wheel of Fun and Jessica Dolan My GF is the hottest…

      Enjoy perverts… And I use that as a term of endearment…

    • sgs13

      She is on Twitter @Red_Bottomz_ and she has two VERY NSFW videos, College Rules Wheel of Fun and My Girl is the Hottest. There are lots of pics of her out there, too. Great boobs, but she sounds dumb as a toaster when she speaks.

    • gingergreek

      lol matress actress

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