I love Mondays because of FLBP. Simple as that (88 Photos)

  • namboobs


    • Ben

      first to unlike this retarded, unimaginative internet trend..

      • Bensucksfish

        And your reply is so original. . .

      • Get over it

        Stop saying "first" guys, he's tough

  • Vic

    #41 #48 are winners…

    • phluf

      That Az girl… Damn

    • You

      # 29 blows them out

    • SUCHaFOB

      Wow, AZ girl is the best one.

    • Jander

      Incorrect #69 for the win!!!

  • Civro

    Second lol

    • Berty

      A lot of "thick" girls in this thread. The guys who always hate on the fit girl galleries must be loving this one.

  • http://ohno.facebook.com oh-nooooo

    worst FLBP ever…..some of these girls are terrible.

    • Horus

      You forgot to finish your sentence.

      What they meant to say was.

      "Some of these girls are terribly in need of burning their bras. Let those puppies breathe!…and send photos."

      • carl

        i think he was referring to #9 #10 and #27

        • whoami

          thats been thr way of the chive posts lately. Some that are really attractive but most liok like beat up whores

        • http://www.facebook.com/inkedsparrow Kait Reese

          As being number 9, you must've woken up on the wrong side of the bed to be that rude.

          • Dirk Diggler

            Personally I thought #9 is Smokin, beautiful rack…

          • Sully

            And by "bed", you mean "futon in parent's unfinished basement". What a loser.
            What a hot body you have. Please share more with us! Hump day approaches…

          • carl

            i give you credit for defending yourself. but as a critique, it's just the eyebrows that don't do much for your looks.

            • http://www.facebook.com/inkedsparrow Kait Reese

              Maybe we can have a slumber party while you rummage through my bathroom and we can discuss hair, boys, and eyebrows. Deal? Good.

              • carl

                you got it. you have a good personality. I take back what I said. and hey, i know this eyebrow look you have is trendy at the moment, it's one of those things that girls like but guys don't – like harem pants, over-sized sunglasses, and gladiator sandals.

                • http://www.facebook.com/inkedsparrow Kait Reese

                  This explains why my best guy friend bought me non-oversized top gun aviators.. (; at least I haven't broken out the harem pants today- I save those for the 2-4-1 specials Bollywood bar on weekends.

                  • Keith Robicheux

                    There are a lot of a holes out there. Who gives a fuck about eye brows? I commend your spirit for posting half naked pictures of yourself on a website, so that everyone who isn't a judgey bastard can enjoy them. I want to see revealing pictures of the guys complaining. I be they're all totally ripped and have great hair <—(sarcasm).

              • Matt

                Nice comeback…not! Keep your clothes on you look better that way

          • Guest

            If you want to get attention accept being criticized . Don't act like you're the best thing around.

            • http://www.facebook.com/inkedsparrow Kait Reese

              I never did.. (:

              • Guest

                So don't get mad if someone doesn't like something accept it and move on instead of trying to say these lame ass comebacks

                • https://www.facebook.com/evening.s.barron Whiskey Rose Knight

                  You mean…like you are doing? Perhaps take your own advice; accept that she is defending her incredibly beautiful self and move on.

        • JustSayin

          I think you mean #47, nothing wrong with the three you mentioned. They are all fantastic!

        • Catman

          I'm sorry…#9 has eyebrows?? Oh now I see them. I'm not gay so I noticed her hot body instead of critiquing the shape of her eyebrows. I do agree about #27 though. She is so terrible I think she should come to my house and discuss what needs to be done to improve her terrible body. Pinhead.

    • Tarkus

      And there I shared it on my FB as "(arguably) the best Monday FLBP of 2013)"… different strokes, I s'pose.

      • Jack Wagon

        #10 GAAHH!! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!

        • Jack Wagon

          Oh ya, and as far as you, #9 you are beautiful and have a stunning body and we do need moar!

          • Jonbob

            And a phone number… If you live any where near Southwest Oregon (and by near I mean 3,000 miles).

    • http://www.facebook.com/nick.gunderson Nick Gunderson

      I think the berry would suit you much better than the chive bud….

      • Jack Wagon

        Hey man, if you are in to dudes, good for you on your coming out. We all aren't gay like you tho.

    • bent

      #9 appreciate you angrily "defending" yourself but … most who tell you that you are beautiful would say the same thing if your face had been cropped out, you might even have a few more than you did without the cropping. You are land o' lakes deal with it and enjoy your body before it goes the way of your face.

      • http://www.facebook.com/inkedsparrow Kait Reese

        Hey, everyone has their opinions! But when you want to criticize anonymously like that I have to wonder what YOU look like.

    • philtron

      I think" the berry" might be the website you're looking for.

  • Vic

    #52 those are a pretty big deal to me….sexy!!!

  • hwrStrnsPnd

    4AM in Ohio…beautiful start to the day.

    • Horus

      5am in Maryland. I know the feeling.

      I literally have a really small Chive On shirt that I will give for free to a Maryland FLBP chivette to bust out of. Please Chive, send me angels!

      • Kara

        #38, I'm from Maryland…

        • Horus

          I love you.

        • Horus

          Sorry, I lost myself there and prematurely hit the submit button. Not saying I prematurely do that all the time but that it happens once in a while when I'm nervous (>_>)

          I'm thinking you have to prove it. Not that I don't trust chivettes it just seems opportune for more nice photos.

          Your mission if uou choose to accept: Hand bra with KCCO AND the Maryland state flag.. Yea, that would convince me.

          • Kara

            I was also twenty-eight on BYB Feb 14th :-), There is ur Hand Bra, I also burned it the first week of October last year…. You'll reconize the MD tee… Kara

            • Horus

              Oh yea! Scavenger hunt. Awesome.

              Found 28 of course. Veeery niiiice, I liiike (Borat voice). Couldn't find the October one though. Meticulously scrutinized every picture.

              Alas, true to my word as a gentleman should. Chive act as our intermediary! I owe this girl a Chive On shirt, or a DAR or BFM. Take your pick.

              • Kara

                Thanks you.. I would post the MD pic but not sure how or if its possible.. I have been trying with no success for the BFM so I would love that one. For address hit me up at 8east2 at g mail

                • Kara

                  Found it… Oct 25 BYB number four

                  • Horus

                    Epic. Sent you one last challenge to make sure I'm not being catfished here.

                    KCCO Kara. Good luck! Bill Freaking Murray wants to be on that bod.

  • Vic

    #66 has nice big problems…

    • TNchiver

      This girl is gorgeous! So is #21….especially when i imagine her without the big tat on her face!

  • Finn

    #55 is the winner in my mind

    • DmanthaGrr8

      Agreed… kinda reminds me of a brunette version of Elisha Cuthbert (The Girl Next Door). Beautiful face to match those nice melons 🙂

    • Brad

      Ya she wins hands down

    • Everclear

      #55 Wins everything forever of all time in all of history of things and stuff and all of it. All of it.

      Perfection personified.

  • General_80

    #69 is 69 worthy indeed

    • DSB


      • San

        Rachel Hazell

  • RealZoo

    #2 #28 (Love the smile) #82

    • tralfaz

      Yes, yes, they do have nice smiles. *wink*

    • gman0821

      Not sure where #2 can put her name tag ? Maybe stick it right between those huge boobs ?

  • Abe Froman

    Love the brown eyed girl #3 and Denise Milani #62

  • Rusty Shackleford

    So many to choose from…

    • Gonz

      Nice to see Gary Busey's daughter getting in her big ole tittah's! #10

  • HiddenLevel

    #17 wow, cleavage for dayyys!! Also hello #64 you're gorgeous

  • namboobs

    I don't think #54 should be in this post ???


    Love me some boobies!

  • travis

    #36 thank you

    • grumpy

      Yeah, how have you not been on here EVERY DAY??

    • lenoit

      Holy shit yes.

  • Troop67

    #69 Lets do this!!!

  • Timo

    Is #8 the same blond from last week? my favorit…

    • sonny

      had an urge to go back and take one more look at those beautiful eyes till the end of the post

  • Bointy

    These make Mondays livable

  • Chicago Sean

    #76 Oh yeah. Must find.

  • Crosseyed

    #28 Is it me or are her nipples…

    • jesse k

      bologna nipples!!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.coverdale.3 Shannon Coverdale

        Smoking hot

    • dave

      …….. just wrong

    • Turd F.

      No, the placement is definitely off…

    • Sam

      Yes, Distracted me for much too long

    • Of course

      Still would

    • ChurchoftheFonz

      Like a cross-eyed torso?

    • frijoles

      as big as her tattoo?

  • nix-hr

    Thank you Chive!
    Thank you girls! You all are beautiful!
    My lucky numbers are today
    #1 #6 #13
    #34 #43 #71

    • A J Singh

      Who is #1, she keeps coming up in FLBP
      Please find her

    • Daniel

      proud to say that # 34 is my Fiancé!

      • caretosahre

        Mind if I jerk off to her?

        Course ya don't…

    • Guest

      #1 Maria Iordan (limited photos taken by Sean Archer/ArcherMZ Photo)

    • ish

      Dude $6 looks 15

      • lucid_eye

        hotter than hell regardless.

  • rickacha

    #73 perfect girl …..detected

    • moondog

      I agrre she is perfect look funny and gorgeous 🙂

    • dave

      but she looks like she weighs over 120. Yeah your right, perfect.

      • Joe

        Yea, about 60 lbs over 120.

    • Red

      I concur… she is beautiful!

    • carl

      she's hot. got some good curves, too. let's see some backside!

    • ctrain

      Amen! Give me this all day long. More!!!!!!

    • helloWISCO

      Not a gap in sight.

    • Lukey_Dukey

      y'all are gross if you think she's attractive.

    • lucid_eye

      more curvy girls chive

    • hmm

      save the whales!

  • cadaver

    from #1 to #88, bewbs, gotta love 'em all

    • davey boy

      #88 didn't notice, her eyebrows distracted me

  • chavezey18

    Dibs on #23

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