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If Bishop from the movie ‘Aliens’ had an android daughter…that sang (Video)

The Knife Song performed by Hanna Fylling Ellingseter

Hanna Fylling Ellingseter, a 16-year-old from Norway, doing “The Knife Song.” I hope it goes without saying that you should never, ever attempt this. It takes a certain kind of insanity and skill to pull off.

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  • Jay

    Like a fuckin BOSS!!

  • Tigger

    She is probably great in the kitchen

  • Tillman61

    Holy crap. She's got it down. I'm glad my 16 year old isn't into that.

    • Bud

      Kids probably don't tell their parents when they are into shit as heavy as underground knife singing. "It's knife-thirty, do you know where your kid is?"

      • Tillman61

        LOL Good point. Mostly I'm concerned because my daughter unfortunately inherited some of my clumsiness – She'd be fingerless on one hand in seconds.

      • @IAM_splashnasty

        haha that is some heavy shit

  • Edumucation

    That's not a sandwich knife and you don't hold the blade if you want everyone to think it is sharp…

    • Naggert

      Sharp or not. It's still very keen and pointy. Hear the sound of the knife hitting the table? Try hitting your hand, with a ball pen, with the same velocity…

    • derp

      Eat tons and tons of dicks. Just a shitload of them. All of them actually. Just start eating dicks, and we will let you know when to stop.

  • tv_paul

    My version the second line would be "'911,911, call them right now, I'm bleeding so profusely I'm about to black out …thud"

  • Karl

    Did anyone else break into a sweat watching that?

  • Chicago Sean

    I sense an unfortunate trend beginning.

  • bigyawns

    I know what you're all thinking. 2 years.

    • hpph00

      Not in Norway!

    • Naggert

      She's legal in Norway 😉

  • Rickyrick63

    I have not held my breath that long in a while…wheewww

  • AllanA

    Is this what kids are doing now a days for fun?

    • Static

      no kids are pretending to fall and throw gallons of milk… WTF is wrong with kids now???

      • A BiPolar Guy

        Kids have not changed. you just could've see it when you were younger

  • Julio_Fungoolio

    This made me nervous to the point that I now need to go defecate.

  • TheVanityScore

    that is skill. but i wonder how many times she had to stab her self to get that talented at it

    • Ooooh

      Good point, her celebration at the end made me think this is the first time she's actually done this successfully…

  • Bion

    We used to do this shit a lot as (stupid) kids

  • @LosSaysSwag

    She's got bigger balls than me.

    • jim thorton


      • @LosSaysSwag

        You don't like girls with balls? You're gross.

  • Shay

    She sounds more southern and less Norwegian…

  • Orukal

    Ok, now I'm not calling BS, but at 29 seconds, when she says "then" there is no thunk from the knife hitting the table. I suspect either 1, she just didn't hit the table or 2, the knife tip is dull and she actually hit her hand. I actually hope is the second because there's more than enough of these types of videos on YouTube that don't end peaceably.

    • Knifologist

      She misses the table, the paper or whatever she has over it goes past it, and so it doesn't make a sound because it didn't hit anything solid.

  • Nigel Rice

    She's an android! Weyland-Yutani sent her up here with us all! THEY KNEW! GAME OVER, MAN…GAME OVER!!! Wait…Where am I? What day is this?

  • MEAT

    I would tongue punch her fart box, then read a book…

    • jim thorton

      yea, but what book?

  • Sceptic

    Hangover 2

  • meyouher

    Replace knife whit d**k. Holy crap she Is sooooo Good!

  • TheDude

    Still not as fast as Bishop.

  • 4nbstd

    The way she says "yes" at the end makes me think that this was the first time it went well without cutting her finger off.

    • jim thorton

      well since she has all her fingers maybe you are wrong?

  • CplCupcake

    I'd like to see the condition of the table she was doing that on.

  • Hank Mardukas

    have all my nopes

  • Baroni06

    just listening to how hard the knife hit the table made me think "if she hits her finger, it's gone…"

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