It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (23 Photos)

  • stogeybytheway

    who ever wrote that should learn that dogs use their feet to cool off… you sir are the 'tard

  • mitcholos

    But The Superman Shield Will Be Backwards In The Sky Won't It !?

  • cumshot

    #6, spankin the monkey has its drawbacks

  • jamie

    #5 Anarchy ! #15 It's a chicken not a rooster. #22 Forever Alone !!!

  • kidn

    #22 what you did there..

    ..i see it.

  • cjay

    Pepsi is much better than Coke. #3

  • Bill Nopper

    #12 Google images of Oscar Wilde…facial similarities are frightening!

  • D_Sanchez

    #1-RIP Vincent Price
    #7-or an altar boy to sit on his lap

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