Life’s tough, get a dog (50 Photos)

  • lilMoe

    #26 & #34. Find her

  • jamie

    #25 Got that bitch a pumpkin,bitches love pumpkins. #40 Awesome pug is awesome

  • Rastapopolis

    Hey Chive, fix the ads on the mobile version of your site. The ads fill most of the screen and can't be closed.

  • Marc

    #32 Talk about a ruff rider, #33 he's thinking "kill me now"

  • Candlejack

    Spider-dog, Spider-dog, does whatever a Spider can!

  • Hazel

    #11 If I saw my dog looking at me like that I would immediately start looking for whatever she tore up or where she pooped. That is as guilty as they come

  • SEan

    #1 Gracie?

  • Andy

    Hey chive, you really need to fuck off with the advertisements. They're annoying enough as it is, but now they're getting in the way of the pics.

  • @therealpaulyd3

    #31 Lap dog: Your doing it wrong

  • Scott Impens

    #48. The chessie is the greatest dog ever!!

  • Pamela

    # 45 AWESOME costume!!!!

  • CanadianPiper

    #32 The best!!!

  • daph

    #50. I can't stop watching it. It's mesmerizing.

  • jay b

    thanks for including the pit bull.

  • Arjay

    Now that is pure unadulterated bliss.

  • Lindsay

    #11 Soon..

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