Lucky him all my girlfriend ever did was lead me to the BROKE HOUSE!!

  • gman0821

    #17 I would like to be behind that hump too !!

  • Fulgram

    the next thing he needs to do is grab his balls and have her follow him

  • http://www.facebook.com/george.k.gomez George Gomez

    This is pretty sick. Plus the fact that I've been to #1 and #8 makes it even better! (#1 near the Brandenberg Gate in Berlin; #8 Holocaust Memorial [also in Berlin])

  • dbmack

    This girl has terrible elbows. I bet she has the worst hammertoes as well.

  • Stephen

    shes hot and a cool series with only one exception, the stupid HDR effects.

  • jabrone

    #25 San Sebastián, Spain. Living here right now

  • TheChris

    sexy ass girl to whom I've not seen her face

  • Hypper

    Screaming fake.

  • JJP

    I wish she would lead him off a cliff…what a terrible excuse for 'art'

  • https://www.facebook.com/oski.derkonig Oscar Gutiérrez

    She must be found! Awesome pictures, too. Specially #6 #17 #11

  • DawdGammit

    I was thinking "Why do they think she is sexy" and then pic 6 dropped like a Gawd Damn hammer!

  • Livin' Legend

    Are standards so low that an Instagram jockey can be called a photographer?

  • Matt

    Where's the face?

  • DTAB

    How is this guy talented? His photos are awful with some shitty HDR effect. Don't get me wrong, from the back, his lady friend is super hot.

  • hutchmx92

    This is pretty dam amazing!

  • lexluthr

    how long is she going to wear that engagement ring on the wrong hand/finger… details like that bothered me about the series… plus #17 why the bikini at the train station? doesn't fit..also where's the pic of them standing in the breadline, broke after all this traveling? or the airport security line being TSA'ed?

  • Mississauga Chiver

    Yay, HDR! Cool concept though.

  • illmatic0

    mind the gap

  • Static

    very cool , but im not a fan of the filter applied to make it look like that. Make me think these were faked..

  • blue_bronco

    I like the ones where you can see her butt

  • callmeeljefe


  • Bob

    #17 #30 would follow that ass anywhere in the world.

  • sisten

    super glue commercial?

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    What little doubt I had that she is a Butter Face evaporated with #11.

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