Photographer’s sexy girlfriend leads him around the world (30 HQ Photos)

These photo, taken by talented photographer Murad Osmann, have torched the internet recently, more of his work right here.


    Lucky him all my girlfriend ever did was lead me to the BROKE HOUSE!!

  • gman0821

    #17 I would like to be behind that hump too !!

  • Fulgram

    the next thing he needs to do is grab his balls and have her follow him

  • George Gomez

    This is pretty sick. Plus the fact that I've been to #1 and #8 makes it even better! (#1 near the Brandenberg Gate in Berlin; #8 Holocaust Memorial [also in Berlin])

  • dbmack

    This girl has terrible elbows. I bet she has the worst hammertoes as well.

  • Stephen

    shes hot and a cool series with only one exception, the stupid HDR effects.

  • jabrone

    #25 San Sebastián, Spain. Living here right now

  • TheChris

    sexy ass girl to whom I've not seen her face

  • Hypper

    Screaming fake.

  • JJP

    I wish she would lead him off a cliff…what a terrible excuse for 'art'

  • Oscar Gutiérrez

    She must be found! Awesome pictures, too. Specially #6 #17 #11

  • DawdGammit

    I was thinking "Why do they think she is sexy" and then pic 6 dropped like a Gawd Damn hammer!

  • Livin' Legend

    Are standards so low that an Instagram jockey can be called a photographer?

  • Matt

    Where's the face?

  • DTAB

    How is this guy talented? His photos are awful with some shitty HDR effect. Don't get me wrong, from the back, his lady friend is super hot.

  • hutchmx92

    This is pretty dam amazing!

  • lexluthr

    how long is she going to wear that engagement ring on the wrong hand/finger… details like that bothered me about the series… plus #17 why the bikini at the train station? doesn't fit..also where's the pic of them standing in the breadline, broke after all this traveling? or the airport security line being TSA'ed?

  • Mississauga Chiver

    Yay, HDR! Cool concept though.

  • illmatic0

    mind the gap

  • Static

    very cool , but im not a fan of the filter applied to make it look like that. Make me think these were faked..

  • blue_bronco

    I like the ones where you can see her butt

  • callmeeljefe


  • Bob

    #17 #30 would follow that ass anywhere in the world.

  • sisten

    super glue commercial?

  • echogeo

    What little doubt I had that she is a Butter Face evaporated with #11.

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