Photographer’s sexy girlfriend leads him around the world (30 HQ Photos)

These photo, taken by talented photographer Murad Osmann, have torched the internet recently, more of his work right here.

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    […] Girlfriend leads him around the world – [TheChive] […]

  • fAb!aN

    #11 beautiful!!

  • Keg

    I much $$$ is in this dude's trust fund? Damn!

  • Thads

    Cool idea, too bad it's all photoshopped

  • Troy

    Why did he let her out of the bedroom and kicthen?

  • The Professor

    Rich guy tours world with hot chicks. Stop the presses.

  • lotsofhp

    Good to be rich

  • Digbert Flogbottum

    Umm, hello ? Find her !!!!!

  • Justin

    Wish I could see her face in at least 1 pic!

  • Van isle chivette

    Am I the only chivette who noticed how awesome her nail polish always is? Probably.

  • Houstontxchiver

    #30. Best gap this month

  • DimSum


  • SilenzZzz

    way to over use the HDR settings…. decent idea for a photo shoot … way to much post production work. killed the overall of the shots… just a good shot with nice color would have been better… or even black and white … HDR is for scenic shots in outdoor places with a sky and water to over emphasize the color variation … or to bring out the detail in shadows a bit more without blowing out the white parts… this was … oh wait i see Instagram … never mind .. carry on .. business as usual.

  • yermon

    bad girl, now give that girl to me n u go have fun traveling

  • F3n1x187

    great pictures

  • Matthew Bear Hilbert

    behind every hot woman is a guy checking out her ass

  • CJs

    #6 and #17

    made my day

  • Scott Rudoff

    Go to Gawker, where this was stolen from and you'll see she's amazingly hot.

  • Sotonic

    Damn! I wish I were an artist so I could have an artist's girlfriend. They just seem so cool.

  • Frank

    instagram, making pics look like crap since 2010

  • Hov

    Couple front shots of the two of them, direct link to the pic. Thank you Chiver4Life for the site link!

  • @SoCalChiver

    #17 damn good

  • amyleebby

    i love this:)

  • neolith

    I dislike the filters he used, but other than that the pictures are really beautiful.

  • Kajman

    FYI… She has an instagram also… @YOURLEO….kinda hot…

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