Russians must be so stoked it’s finally springtime (48 Photos)

  • Pat_Bateman1

    Pew Pew 'merica #1

  • Dick

    First cocksuckers!

    • NOT A DICK

      actually ur not COCKSUCKER!!!

      • Dick

        You spelled "you are" wrong you lazy mother fucker. I bet you don't have a GED.

        • NOT A DICK

          i luv trolls. u sound like a smrt 1. wear do i get a ged? i no ive hurd of it b4 but im 2 dum.

          plz help COCKSUCKER ur my only hope!

          p.s. how did you know I fucked UR mother?

          • Dick

            How do find the time to reply to me in between marathon masturbation sessions and C.O.D? You couldn't handle my Mom virgin. She' a tiger.

            • Joe

              You guys are both unbelievably stupid.

              • Poop

                And you are a smell pussy fart. Get off your pedestal and get under the bridge with the trolls. Bitch boy

            • NOT A DICK

              and you know ur moms a tiger how? hate to be at ur family reunion. most likely full of inbred freaks screwing their sisters. but who am i to judge? I got the chive to keep me happy, you, you have ur tiger mom and ur wittle munchkin dick.

              KCCO friend!

              • Everyone


    • Uncle Leroy

      What a chode!!!

  • Tex


  • Greg


  • McGee

    Those poor bastards…

  • @TShlew

    #48 'Merica!

    • The devil

      Isn't this cancun, mexico?

    • @LosTorre

      The thirst!

    • trololololo

      meanwhile back in 'merica, 2 000 horny half naked men masturbate at one fugly girl…

  • dustinmd

    #48 .. technically Canada is part of America .. and it doesnt look like that rite now at all

    • Timmy

      North America. Not the United States of America. Careful not to confuse those two.

      • dustinmd

        America = North / South America
        North America = all countries in it
        South America = all countries in it

        So yes Canada is part of America .. and the picture says "America" not "United States of America"

        • Joe

          Hey dustin, get your panties out of a twist. Your comment was pretty fucking lame too.

    • I don't know

      People don't refer to the continent of North America as just America. So technically, Canada is Canada and America is America.

      • dustinmd

        see its the "United States of America" meaning the US is in America
        not "United States is America"

        • The devil

          Gave you a thumbs up!

        • ZachBob

          Although you are right, whenever people hear "America," they think of the USA.

    • Ryan

      There's "America' and then there's "Merica' I think it's obvious which one is pictured.

      • dustinmd

        the picture clearly says "America"
        I know im going to end up getting a ton of dislikes cuz there are 1000x more Chivers from the US than anywhere else.
        But its basic geography .. if you cant wrap your heads around it you need to go back to elementary.

        • Jahnny

          I'm a Canadian and I don't refer to myself as an American, I've also never heard of any canadian besides you call themselves an american. People all around the world call the US "America", that's just the way it is. By your logic, we should be calling Russians Asian lol.

          You are the exception, not the rule.

          • jokester

            or European

  • Arrrrrrrrrrg

    Good 'ol 'Merica! #48

  • Iso

    Should have interspersed that with mail-order Russian brides.

  • voltron

    am i the only one who thinks all that snow is awesome?

    • Ryan

      have you ever shoveled a lot of snow or had to drive to work in it?

      • voltron

        i live in michigan and love it

    • majorfathead

      grew up in Maine and the only thing I miss (besides the beautiful forests) is the winters! I go back on vacation in the winter cuz I can get summer here in Florida whenever I want

  • ScottyDubs

    #37 Badass.

  • Bob25

    I wonder if they know about the Chive over there in Russia. Wouldn't mind seeing some Russian snowbunnies…

    • Ryan

      I'm going there in the summer with my chive shirts. I'll show them the light.


    #47 in Soviet Russia "0" Fucks are given.

  • KnicksRule

    #41 That's why Miami Beach is full of Russians these days!

  • Nishtai

    Not to burst your bubble, but spring begins on March 21st, 22nd. Or are these russians Oh-so-crazy that they changed the date?

    • OctaneRush

      Yes and winter technically begins on December 21, the snow doesn't wait does it?

      • Nishtai

        Exactly my point. I mean, if spring isn't even here, what does the title implies? That it's still snowing during winter in Russia? Shocker!

        • OctaneRush

          Yes but since no really gives a shit about actual dates, the seasons are just generalized. Who cares if they wrote "Spring" in the album title, like really? Obviously only you would care

          • ZachBob

            I care, too. Nishtai, you're not alone.

          • Nishtai

            Actually the Universe cares about dates. It's around march 20,21, 22nd that the spring equinox occurs. So saying it's springtime by march 1st is as dumb as saying that the earth goes around the sun twice a year

    • Bob S

      March 1 is considered the first day of spring in Russia.

  • Mother Pus Bucket

    I don't know how people live any further north than Raleigh much less this.

    • majorfathead

      Ironically my GF thinks even North Carolina is too cold! She is a Florida girl born and bred, wouldn't move north of say North central FL

  • GuntherSquirrel

    Im sorry to say, this reminds me of winters as a kid… In America… Northern NY state to be precise

    • jokester

      That's why I live in the south.

  • dewarz

    #20 #24 #41
    Meh, Why bother? That's time that could be spent inside drinking.

    • CountessBaltar

      At least there's daylight.

      I know people in the Lower 48 don't get the difference….

  • Kevrhutch

    God bless the USA!!

  • Sue

    This is the kind of snowstorm Colorado needs. Not these pansy little flurries!

    • Jay

      Yep. it needs it to scare al those new hippies back to California. 🙂

  • Tiber_Septim

    now you know why they drink so much vodka

  • doublemeat

    #37 – What is that? Must have!

    • dylan

      Trecol 6 wheel drive

  • kcco-pgh

    Wonder what Verkhoyansk or Oymyakon look like right now.

  • ZenTechnocrat

    Wait…you mean that isn't Wisconsin this year?

  • pbb005


    one of the few places on earth where you can own a hummer and not be considered a douche bag

    • prostreet68

      Looks like Calgary yesterday. 😦

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