Russians must be so stoked it’s finally springtime (48 Photos)

  • freddy boy

    Man, now I understand why the Ruskies were so ill-tempered during the "cold" war.

  • Rick

    Sure this isn't Regina?

  • petrovitch

    In Russia snow shovels you!

  • Wade

    That was Calgary Alberta yesterday!

  • Joey Jojo

    Except for the fact it's winter in Russia until mid-April, if not longer.

  • lilMoe

    So what does that place look like when it isn't cover in 10 ft of snow?

  • von Mises

    It hit MINUS 96 degrees there last week, a Northern HEMISPHERE record. You won't read that in the state media.

    Russia is experiencing the most snow it has seen in a CENTURY. You indoctrinating Obamabots won't hear that in your daily liberal indoctrination centers you call "class"

  • Yomero

    #37 I want a truck like this

  • Dollface

    no wonder why they drInk so much vodka, fuck that shIt!!!

  • cjay

    Gotta love ' Merica ! #48

  • @SoCalChiver

    #47 dude must be a chiver cause he's just keeping calm

  • Gallus

    48 photos, 47 of them damned good reasons not to live in Russia!

  • F3n1x187

    #48 I'm positive that's somewhere around Cancun or the Mayan riviera. Still cool hehehe

  • Jay

    You better remember where you parked. Otherwise it would suck to start digging out a car and realize it's not yours.

  • Max-NZ

    'Merica !? where is that?

  • Kirill

    Looks like these photos were taken at Sakhalin. I think the picture would be the same at Alaska now.

  • Alpha_Dog

    This could be a god-forsaken location in the Midwest…like Iowa.

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