• seanster5977

    No facts on honey-bunny? Or her boyfriend? I feel like a Bad M*^$%F@!)_er

  • Big Joe

    No love for Christopher Walken?

  • alyn

    Do you see a sign on my house that says dead n**g*r storage?

  • paul

    Actually he wrote the part of jules for Lawrence Fishburn

  • DannoTheManno88

    Check out the big brain on Brad

    • Slick


  • lexluthr

    Great fucking movie.. any time its on its all i watch til the credits roll. I couldn't see any of those characters played by anyone else.. the movie wouldn't have felt the same way. Classic.

  • sp1der-p1g

    Well I'm a mushroom cloud layin muthafucka, muthafucka! One of my favorite lines!

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