Girls who love to have fun are where colors, tastes and sounds come from (38 Photos)

  • Dave on wheels


    • EastTN~RT

      more like fag on wheels

    • Zippy

      how does it feel to scroll past all of the great looking women to comment first? I can't imagine the payoff is worth it.

    • Notknowing

      Screw first. These goddamn pop up ads cover 3/4 of my screen with NO WAY of reducing or removing them.
      Chive WTF???!!!

      • Notknowing

        PS: it's iPhone

  • lexluthr


  • Jeff Greth

    #24 More please. Very cute.

    • moondog

      agree 😉

    • Hoot

      She is hot..

  • Maine Chiver

    Thank you Chive needed that this AM!

  • 67vwbus

    #35 is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • yahtzee09

      That Sweet Adri (NSFW).

      Happy Fapping…

      • yahtzee09


        • 67vwbus

          Sweet Adri (NSFW)??

          • ScottyDubs

            She is a nude model, of the pornographic type.

    • Damn

      Damn I was just hoping she was a smoking hot chivette. Im kinda disappointed. Shes still hot though.

  • Huell

    #14 I'd like to have some fun loving with them if ya "hur hur" catch my drift…

    And by fun loving, I mean sex.

    • runswithbeer

      So is the blonde in the middle trying to tell us she just ate a big one??

    • Sean

      LOL of course. Look at those sluts!

  • Maksim Charcenko

    Number 7 is just wow!

    • SOhioChiver

      Like this… #7

      • Hoot

        That is good creative

  • Thomas Lewis

    #24 #27 #36 yea ill take these on a boat to go please

  • jerry likes green

    I see Nom Nom noms…YAY ^-^/!!!

  • jammers

    Wow awesome post!! so much hotness

  • moondog

    #10 I felt instantly in love:)

    • Martin McFly

      …with a 16 year old.

      That's Angie Varona. Though I do think shes legal now… certainly not in this picture.

      • nope

        she almost killed herself because someone posted all her pics without her knowing… they are a permanent internet fixture that people still enjoy, regardless of consequence.

        • Hoot

          i just read Angie Varona's story on Wikipedia that is awful..

          • Art

            Bullshit, as soon as she turned 18 she was right back posting all kindsa new half naked pics all over the internet. Do a google search and you can find a whole new batch of legal pics. She did it all for the fame, even that stupid Dateline interview.

            • THErealWAVE

              exactly…i follow her on Instagram all she post is pics of her body

            • Slim Jim

              her sister too

            • Hoot

              I did not know that. I tell you what it's amazing what people will do for money.. sick now I am upset because I felt sorry for her.

  • drew

    #5 is YUMMY

    • miles.v

      Sophia Mononoke Lily

      • Brian

        And a thank you sir.

    • Jack Wagon

      Would be soooo much yummier without that fucked up hair. Love the red, but the style sucks bad.

    • Sam Haltiwanger

      Sophia Mononoke Lily

      Her twitter machine:

  • ESPN2013

    #33, i would admire them too. and #35, incredible

  • Morphi32

    Love rave girls..

  • TheFrontier

    #17 Right penis yellow

    • squeezeitatleast

      That is one of the saddest titty grabs I have ever seen. No cupping, no squeezing, no nothing. He's afraid of it. He has tittyphobia. I'm sadder having seen this.

    • Texan

      Go see a Dr.

  • tv_paul

    #22 When she gives a handy it must sound like the maraca section of a mariachi band.

  • Jeff

    #24 #35 Hot is #13 twins

  • Tillman61

    #33 #36 #38 To be young again…

  • wal-mart customer

    #19 legs and titties!!!! looks like dinner is served!

  • otto


    The more I see of this girl the more I like

    • NorthernChiver

      That would be my ex-gf. You would not like her in person. She is a complete C U Next Tueday…self centered and stuck up to the T.Steer clear.

    • Falthor

      you and me both. Hottest Fit/Toned girl I have seen in a very very long time.

  • racn4life

    #2 and #5 WOW

    • Falthor


  • Tony

    Enough with the long, drawn out titles bro. Shit's annoying.

  • monk

    I felt like #10 was smiling directly at me. I'm in love – MOAR! ..please?

    • Martin McFly

      That's Angie Varona. Though I do think shes legal now… certainly not in this picture.

    • ander

      She needs to just get it over with and show us her tits already

  • dragonfire6

    #1 Misa Campo

  • tv_paul

    #36 Dear dad, Please send more money I 'm running low on pasties .

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