Joselyn Cano is using the Twitter Machine properly (35 Photos)

Joselyn has blown up recently on Twitter. The 21 year-old model from Huntington Beach has some serious curves. Enjoy.

Joselyn's Twitter Machine.

Joselyn's Instagram.

Joselyn’s Twitter Machine.

Joselyn’s Instagram.

  • ThisGuy

    Ok. You are stunning. But this is why you don't take pictures in the bathroom. No one wants to look at you and the overflowing garbage at the same time. Stay classy.

  • AcidVoltA

    I uh… Forgot.. What to… #18

  • Brandon Betz

    I wondered who stole my basketballs

  • Hoot

    your loyal chivettes are much prettier..

  • Mike

    #26 looks pretty uncomfortable to lay on those big guys – can't imagine running with them!!

  • lenoit

    #18 Dem hips

  • obionecanblomi

    Oh look, another stuck up chick with fake boobs.

  • Eddie Ortiz

    Pretty? Yes. Stupid hot body? Yes. Shows no sign of having any male company, i.e. boyfriends, friend zone guy friends, or even the stereotypical fat guy friend? Negative. She is alone.

    • Robin

      maybe she's into other ladies… you never know, I could have a better chance with her than you 😛

  • bizavguru

    Everything is store bought. Give me some real women. She doesn't deserve an entire post.

  • kawabounga

    fake eyes, fake tits, fake ass, next

  • vadm

    Where is this ice machine?

  • Kcruz09

    I like boobs just as much as any other guy, but this girl has nothing on the Chivettes.

  • PDiags

    She's more plastic than Barbie !! Big pass on this one, next please.

  • whoami

    She looks like a jersey shore outcast that is dumber than a box of snookie's used tampons

  • Nope

    well if she looks that good now, what will happen if shes pregnant with your child then how will the baby look like deformed. but thats is how she really looks like before all the surgery.

  • jim

    I thought this was the preview for that movie Spring Breakers that's coming out.

  • Jonathan Searer

    this chick must have spent a lot of money on surgery. she can't be that old, and you can already tell she's one wrong operation from looking like am Asian Joan Rivers.

    • Jonathan Searer


  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    woof. gimme a quarter, and her bare ass. i got some testing to do…


  • Tyler Williams

    Chivettes > Joselyn

    Not saying she's not attractive but chivettes do it better

  • RustyxTrombone

    Fake everything..

  • Vol Jack

    #29 I am sure she is used to having plenty of meat swinging overhead.

  • Devin

    Eat a cheeseburger and get the plastic removed.

  • Jon

    too fake

  • Macro

    Just another pair of boobs and a plastic face. #31

  • Maaku Nolte

    Nice house but looks like no one is home.

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