Joselyn Cano is using the Twitter Machine properly (35 Photos)

Joselyn has blown up recently on Twitter. The 21 year-old model from Huntington Beach has some serious curves. Enjoy.

Joselyn's Twitter Machine.

Joselyn's Instagram.

Joselyn’s Twitter Machine.

Joselyn’s Instagram.

  • Jonathan Cruse

    Give me a hard working, honest-to-goodness, sweet and sexy-as-can-be Chivette over this store-bought, inflatable wanna-be Barbie doll. She obviously values what can be bought more than anything else. Ugh. Bad call, Chive. Bad call…

  • mrkerrdontplay

    ode to twitter whore:

    fake ass, fake tits
    fake nose, fake lips
    fake brow, fake chin
    fake fame, fakes him
    chasing money, a tireless chase
    good luck slut, you have an ugly face


  • Bigboi01

    And whats up with that dumbass head cocked to the side in every pic? So much plastic surgey has fucked up her equalibrium and the big fake tatas have set her off balance but ill admit if she threw it at me id take a dip or two but it mite hurt cuz shes prolly got more plastic downstairs for smthing

  • John Robert

    #16 Every man's fantasy.
    #17 Could she be any more beautiful? No she could not. She's is gorgeous.
    What an incredible woman. Wow.

  • John Robert

    The girl in the white dress seems to be talking to her breasts. Awesome.

  • Savant

    Anyone else think colored contacts look stupid?

  • bebe2013

    Fake boobs, fake nose, fake butt, fake eyes, fake everything1 Chive come on now this is not what you're about! FAIL!

  • Robert Bravo

    kinda looks like an alien. And nothing is worse than fake ass asian friends with obviously fake boobs and blue eye contacts. No bitches are real nowadays, especially ones from HB

  • Dirk Diggler

    Chick is FINE…good gawd

  • Steve

    Large fake breasts are not attractive. I bet she was 3x as attractive before getting those put in…really sad to know that woman today apparently think they have to have breast implants to be beautiful. I am a male and I fully disagree. Keep is NATURAL girls.

    • replier

      if you look her up you'll see what she looked like before surgery, explains a lot

  • dave

    Her doctor did a great job, nothing should sag for years. gimme back some natural Chivettes

  • Ed Venture
    • kero

      man, good thing she fixed that face

  • Fuck N Right

    do no want!

  • ass lover

    fake high maintenance bitch. the red soles on her heels are a dead giveaway

  • Chk123

    Don't be so mean. Still good looking overall despite having some fake assets. The question is does she have a great personality because if so the negative comments would be somewhat nullified. That is a huge question though. Most girls like this are usually self centered and stuck up anyways.

    • Chk123

      But yes there are better and hotter girls posted than this girl… I won't deny that!

  • fajitas

    god bless cafe lu. myself a fan of sandra and trinh.

  • Ditch

    Noted. Now go away.

  • scrapdog22

    pretty sure that everyone complaining she's plastic wouldn't kick her out of bed, and if you say you would then you are just lying to yourself.

  • chris

    Im sure very nice, I prefer the girls that look real and ok with who they are.

  • Denny

    Why. Is this stupid ad blocking my view on my phone. Can't see shit!!!!

  • Cody Bullock

    I'd let her eat crackers in bed

  • dave

    Poor girl makes it on The Chive then gets blasted and shes already on the Vixen web site. I see a bright future in porn for her

  • guest

    terrible implants

  • Rick

    I bet she was hotter minus the saline implants!

  • milosimmons

    80% plastic

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