Man finds noble cause in pirating movies (7 Photos)

  • GiGeorge


    • Big Joe

      That old dude kicks ass!

  • 42095477

    my grandfather can't even turn on the computer…

    • Dan

      Both my grandpas are dead

      • Worsethanyou

        In never had a grandfather…test tube baby

      • derp

        So I guess they can't turn on a computer either…

  • Ken

    Right on!

  • Wilford Brimley

    And now the chive will send him to jail for this lol

    • cstat

      youll never catch HYMAN STRACHMAN alive

    • cstat

      if that is his real name

    • Jimmy

      Will the headline say "FEDS BUST HYMAN" ???

    • RickySpanish

      I'm assuming you don't you know what impunity means….

      • Bones

        More likely Bob doesn't know what impunity means…

    • blunt


  • Trevor Halverson


  • SkillinVillain

    This man is a hero… Thank you Mr. Strachman!

    • Holy Moly

      I agree this man is someone who truly makes this world better. Thank you sir

  • savagecabbage

    Good for him.Seems like a kind ol skin

  • Salt

    I do what I want!

  • tv_paul

    Cool guy, BTW by just looking at him I think the based the old man character in the movie "Up" on him

  • @LosSaysSwag

    Wonder if the MPAA will still pursue him.

    I also wonder if he ever pirated "Up."

  • Matt


  • Brent

    That is awesome!!! We need more patriotic men like this at a time like this when people don't show nearly enough respect and gratitude for our service men and women. Also what are they going to do send him to prision? He's 92!!!! Come on

  • USA

    Amazing American

  • sfb101

    Hopefully he won't get busted, now that it's be put on the innertubes.

  • gman0821

    If they don't like it, the greedy movie companies should be sending the soldiers legit copies for free !!

    • James

      It's actually pretty easy to request promotional stuff like this, you just have to work to find the contacts. TV and radio stations get tons of this stuff to giveaway and will often help out requests for stuff to be sent to service men and women.

      • Zippy

        yeah, but I think the soldiers overseas have a few other things to do than request promotional stuff and find the contacts.

        • Craigery

          But they have time to watch all these movies?

  • Mando

    Hes a true warrior, Semper Fi

  • slt

    Way to drop dime on the guy

    • anon

      He was in the New York Times a year ago…

  • James Ramos

    Fucking awesome! Dude is epic!

  • DarthBile

    I wonder if he rips any porn? MAJOR BILE REPORTING FOR DUTY!!!!

  • Summit

    Sorry, ip theft is theft. Even if done for others – and even if done for those true heroes in the military. I cannot say it is a "noble" cause – ya, he's dropped money on it, but still is stealing the content. Ownership means something, and I find it disturbing that so many people don't get that.
    Give me all the "thumbs down" you want, I will not say stealing is noble.

    • @AdamB8

      Why are you the way that you are?

    • Hellothere

      Fuck you, Sir.

    • Guest

      Summit you need to chill tha f out, consider this chap to be like the digital Robin Hood

      • DarthBile

        I wonder how Summit feels about China (the largest IP and patent thief in the world) and whether or not he/she boycotts products made there.

    • tv_paul

      I see your point but what he's doing might not be as illegal as you think. He doesn't charge and accepts no money for his copies so the MPAA can't really do much. Also he may be getting the movies he's copying from a source like a public library so all he 's really doing is redistributing it to those who have no access to them much like a student will make copies of material he needs for a project. BTW, There are always exceptions to every rule, just think of him as Robin Hood.

    • Randomchiver

      Actually theft is denying someone something. That isn't happening. The only thing the MafiAA prosecutes for is making available to upload, not downloading. Way to be completely uninformed on a subject you feel strongly about. Good job.

    • Matt

      I agree he stealing and it's wrong if the armed forces asked Hollywood for movies they would give them to them. He is putting people out of work here. He should go to jail.

      • JSettle11

        You really think this guy is putting people out of work…..

    • JESSE

      Its hollywood. as far as I'm concerned if the entire industry goes bankrupt the world would be better for it. less self-aggrandizing narcissism, and a lot of assholes who need to find a job that actually matters… sounds like a win-win.

      • dipshit

        Says the guy that's never enjoyed a movie EVER…right?

    • freddy boy

      You're stealing our oxygen, Summit.

    • NebraskaGuy

      Summit – do you really think they have Redbox rental kiosks out there in Iraq or Afghanistan? Do our soldiers have access to the Internet and Netflix like we do?
      Give them a break and give this man a break – he's only trying to do something good for our men and women overseas. Besides … he ain't 'stealing' anything. The movie industry makes billions on movies. What Mr. Strachman is sending to our soldiers doesn't amount to a drop in a bucket, comparatively, and he's spending his own money to do something good for someone else.

      • been there

        When you are deployed, netflix, hulu, nbc, etc. do not work because you are in a different country and they have rules against allowing other countries to watch them. When you are living on a cop out in BFE you don't have a chance to buy squat.

    • jake

      Summit and people like him are the reason this country has very few freedoms left.

    • OVonSchnitzengruben

      You are a cunt summit. A true cunt in every sense of the word. Please take some time out of your day today to fuck yourself.

    • The_Dood
    • Yut

      BOO this man! Boooooo boooooooooo!!!!

      • MEAT

        Summit voted Obama….

        • Strunk

          no – it is more likely Summit didn't vote at all, or voted Republican.

    • Raphael Corrino

      No. This is not theft but copyright violation. If I steal something, that something is now unavailable to you. This is not the same thing. Let me put it in another way. If I get a physical copy of a book you own without your consent, that is stealing. I have a copy and you no longer have one. If I borrow that book, photocopy it and return the book to you, that is not stealing. You and I still have a copy of the book. Even the title of this article is erroneous. This is not piracy per se where piracy connotes gain from materials illegally obtained. This man has no gain from what he is doing (other than to stave off boredom). He is actually spending money and helping other people with his act.

      I agree that taking content without compensating the content owner is wrong. It may just be semantics but call it what it is. Don't let the MPAA and RIAA brianwash you with their propaganda.

      Oh, and what this man is doing is illegal but hardly immoral. More power to him I say.

  • Guest

    Summit = Dick

    • Mike Moore


    • Sean Logan

      I'm sure summits not from merica

  • Rory McIntyre

    Good guy!

  • Josh

    Cool story but I'm hating the outcome of this. If two girls in my town get nine months for illegally downloading a few crappy top forty songs …this doesn't look good for the old chap!

  • Cary

    Although truly inspiring, the man has undoubtedly approx. $450,000 from writers, producers, actors, distributors, etc. Wouldn't be surprised if an agent or two pops up at his house tomorrow. The Chive just posted 7 photos, almost enough to get this man thrown in jail. Chive, please think about what you post beforehand because this man might be going to jail now because of you. (Also, acknowledging this and not reporting it makes you an accomplice.

    • R.Pgh

      I'm sure once a news story came out about an Entertainment co. trying to sue an old man for sending movies to troops, the negative press would cause them to drop any lawsuit.

    • Hoot

      Your not making any sense first you are mad at the chive for reporting it and then your calling the chive an accomplice after reporting it.. This story already been reported in the NY Times by Alan Schwarz published on April 26, 2012. The NY Times they took 11 photographs of Hyman Strachman the 92-year-old, widower, World War II veteran. I think you can relax now.

    • The_Dood

      Impunity – Exemption from punishment, penalty, or harm.

    • Big Joe

      I'll bet Cary told the teacher that other kids got out of their seats while the teacher was out of the classroom.

  • Cary

    **stolen approx. $450,000**

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