Man finds noble cause in pirating movies (7 Photos)

  • mehoff, jack

    someone should steal an oscar for this man

  • iThumbUdown

    He is a thief and should be arrested. Thank you, Chive, for exposing this criminal. Mel Gibson, Ben Affleck, justice will be done!

  • J-B

    Reported in the NY Times almost a year ago.

    MPAA is aware and basically ignoring, according to the original article. Everyone here can probably relax.

    • Nate S

      J-B for the win!

  • tv_paul

    Good one ( I just add "Fed Bust 92-year-old Hyman")

  • nemo1080

    he is a criminal and is now prob headed in for a life sentence, although, like most stuff on this website, i'm sure THE CHIVE was not the first to post it and incriminate him.

  • Damon Baker

    There's no way anybody would go after this guy. Who cares if what he's doing is "technically wrong?"

    A) It's a small gesture that the people in the military see as a big deal. More small gestures need to be made.
    B) Would you want to bust this guy if it was your job so you could be known as the one that put an end to a small gesture for our people in uniform? The backlash against the studios from that wouldn't come close to being worth it.

    • bigmark

      because if movies don't make money then people don't make movies.

  • Andy Russell

    Not a Pirate more like Robin Hood.

  • guest

    If you look him up – there were stories posted online back in April of 2012, so the Chive is not 'outing' this guy any more than he was already in the news.

  • bigmark

    So lets say that he gets busted and then they make a movie about him rotting in jail. What if the studios don't give him a cent for his story. I think the same people saying it is OK to take the studios work for free, would NOT be happy with the studios ripping off his story.

  • freddy boy

    You weenies crying foul should have one fourth of this man's courage. But apparently you don't.

    • Nate S

      well put sir

  • wedgebuster

    Way to narc him out.

  • raphael

    The real crux of the problem here is this website's seemingly insatiable appetite for self-justification through pandering.

  • don't tread on me

    Just what are the soldiers he is "supporting" fighting for? Truth, justice, honesty? Or are they just there to kill people. Does anyone know what made America great? It's not what this man is doing. It would be a far greater gesture if he spent all his own money on just one movie rather than to steal thousands. He should spend his time at the local VA hospital helping other vets

    • Zippy

      The soldiers are fighting for your silly-ass to talk your ignorant shit. I think your level of political understanding was summed up in the statement "Or are they just there to kill people?"

      do you know what made America great? it definitely wasn't whiny-asses like yourself.

  • Karlo

    This guy is a true bad ass. I would love to meet him and just have a beer and swap stories from one veteran to another.

  • Hoot

    Hyman Strachman is a 92-year-old, widower, World War II veteran, who is doing what he feels is a service to his country by helping to keep our troop's morale up. Who better to know what it takes than a war veteran. Hollywood would be idiots to go after him.

  • SloppyCunt

    Sooooo… wonder what the reward is for turning in this guy????

    • Bob

      a kick in the crotch

  • Scott

    This story is rather old (but nonetheless, awesome). The story has been circulated a lot. The man is still doing it and still not getting in trouble for it. He's over 90.

  • greg

    Nice to know there are still Americans with the balls to say FU MPAA!

    • gs425

      Why don't go try steal from a bank and use that line. Let us know how you make out.

  • jade,yst13

    I read about him in the paper 6 months or more ago, he is already known. Hopefully they let him be.

  • Bulldogger

    Chive Charities needs to step up! He is from the Greatest Generation and is still helping out his fellow soldier 60 years later. Support would be great.

  • OfficeGirl

    I’m sorry. Did you just say that Chive Charity needs to step up???
    How much has your charitable organization donated to him or people like him? Yeah, thought so.
    And if you actually go back and read the article it says that he won’t accept money from people. He is just doing as a hobby and to be kind. He is not looking for handouts to expand his business.

    Grow a brain.

  • Joshua

    True Hero

  • iAmHuggies

    This man is a god, anyone who has ever been deployed knows what Im talking about. Hook him up Chive.

  • gs425

    There is nothing noble about stealing ones property….nothing. The casual use of moral relativism among the youth is troublesome.

    • Bob

      Normally I would agree. But not in this case.

      • gs425

        How about we steal those shirts you're looking to give the firefighters and military in your other post? Would that be ok with you?

  • Craigery

    So the ends justify the means, is what you're saying.

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