Man finds noble cause in pirating movies (7 Photos)

  • Craigery

    I'm gonna hide a camera in a women's restroom and take secret videos of them peeing. It's OK, though, because I'm going to send the videos to troops.

  • Todd R. Davis

    Had he, instead, created a non-profit organization that collected DONATIONS of new and used DVDs and DONATIONS to PURCHASE the movies and — pay attention to this part — the rights to copy the movies, <– then and only then, would I see this as a noble venture. Support our troops — Yes, please do. Find a way to do it w/in the law, though. I assure you, the movie companies would work with him it approached.

  • Lance

    from one vet to another thank you sir is simply not enough.

  • DannoTheManno88

    Fuck you Hollywood. Eat a dick.

  • bassplayer

    Sorry to say, but this would be no different than walking into a store, taking items off the self, walking out with out paying for it, and saying it's OK because he's sending it to the troops. I'm 100% for supporting the troops but not in an illegal fashion.

  • Alex

    Yo Ho,
    Yo Ho,
    A pirate's life for me!

  • jimbob

    I read it wrong, I thought it said "found a noble cause in pirate movies{ ….this is cool too though.

  • Whiskyb

    Doin it like a boss

  • Nathan Resick

    not to be a wet blanket… but I really don't think posting a story about this is a good idea. Would be a shame if the Chive in trying to give him kudos got him in trouble with the FBI or something.

  • C-Dog

    This man is more "American" than most of us!

    • gs425

      "most of us" don't steal.

  • Orukal

    Don't assume that he's downloading content. He could be copying DVDs, which doesn't make it any less illegal, but I would truly be surprised if anyone has the balls to throw the law at him.

  • LongLiveBigHy

    For everyone worried about if this being on the Chive will get Mr. Strachman caught, this story broke on the NY Times and other major news outlets last April.

    He would go out and buy a $5 bootleg DVD of recordings made in theaters or of leaked studio cuts. Then, after he finally got the duplicator (after using his desktop to copy the movies one by one), he started churning them out.

    And to all the copyright nuts, what real damage was done here? This man never kept a "master disc" for himself, destroyed them after he was through making copies, and sent the copies overseas to the men and women in our military. People who would never have the chance to catch those movies in theaters during their time deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. How could the movie industry have lost money on people watching their movies without any other chances to?

  • shader7

    Semper Fi mate

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