NASA can still afford an amazing swimming pool (31 Photos)

This giant swimming pool located in the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory at NASA is 202 feet long, 101 feet wide and 40 feet deep and is used to train men for spacewalks. I was under the impression that NASA had no money to spend these days. What else are you hiding NASA…?


  • Paul

    NASA, you're sending astronauts the wrong direction

    • Will

      Not really. The only difference between deep space and deep water is the presence of wet. Otherwise they are quite similar. Both retard movement, requiring slow, paced actions, both require humans to use artificial breathing devices and if a deep space environment suit cannot survive submersion in water, how will it ever survive the vacuum of space?

      • Salty

        I think it was a joke Will. "The presence of wet" – wet? Really?

        40 feet of water is similar, sure, to the moon…which is like 250,000 miles away

        Also, down is not up

        • Rick E. Bear

          "Presence of Wet" sounds like a name of a porno movie.

      • Seth

        How does space retard movement?

        • True Story

          When you have nothing to push against it restricts your movement. (see Newtons laws). When submerged in water the abundance of molecules will restrict your movement. Although the causes of the change in mobility have different causes the results end up being similar. Hope this answers your question.

      • magnusthe1st


      • Fred Garvin

        Newtonian or astro physics much?

  • christiantf9

    i wanna do that!

  • Shannon Coverdale

    Needs more girls in bikinis

  • Rez Dog

    I bet Redbull has a better one.

    • Derpin

      Jumping and spaewalking are two different activities.

      • Rez Dog

        How do you know that Redbull isn't planning and/or training for a spacewalk?

  • Derpin

    Sit in the Chive offices drinking beer and looking at half naked (albeit gorgeous) women all day and you miss out on a lot of things Bob, not just NASA activities. people don't train themselves for spacewalks and I don't think this pool is new. We've been doing spacewalks since the 60's.

    • Chris

      *Apply ice to the burned area.

    • Doug

      Hear! Hear!

    • nojoke420

      Well said

    • Leucifer

      Yeah. Was going to say, this pool is probably older than he is.
      And while he's at it, he can thank NASA for a lot of the tech that he's using today.

      Sorry. Just really burns me when people make stupid comments.

  • Jesse

    Imagine what NASA could do with a proper budget . Murica. Stop spending money on war!

    • PayHeed

      Couldn't agree more.

  • IrishInNJ

    This was built decades ago. When NASA practically printed it's own money. It's the NBL located at the Sonny Carter Training Facility.

  • @LosSaysSwag

    Fuck, someone already made a Red Bull joke.

  • sfb101

    Bet nobody pees in this pool.

  • tv_paul

    #6 You're welcome.

  • Hoot

    Sad lots of hard work and sacrifices, like the crew on the Space Shuttle Challenger, went into building NASA. That pool will probably be on ebay soon.

    • Rick E. Bear

      Uh. Don't forget Columbia.

      • Hoot

        Yes, it's sad times lot's of sacrifices went into building NASA.

      • Kodos

        Or Apollo 1.

    • SteelDirigible

      Lots of benefit has come from it too. They didn't get drafted, they went to school and got training because they wanted to go into space. They knew the risks. Yes, it's a tragedy, but because of what they put their lives into building, that is not sad. As someone who has actually seen a lot of what NASA has to offer and how passionate the people who work there are, they do not consider what they do a waste.

    • SteelDirigible

      Actually are you saying it's sad NASA is cutting back, after the sacrifices that have been made? I took it at first to mean you were saying NASA was a waste, but I'm thinking now that I misinterpreted what you said. Regardless, NASA is in my opinion a valuable organization.

  • texas chivette

    I have been to the NBL quite often when I worked for NASA, even have some pictures of me on the pool deck. Is good to see some old friends in these pics, and will forward the link to them to see (some of these pics are pretty old, actually). The NBL is an amazing place, and has been around for quite some time.

    • Jeremy Nichols

      Been there too, I had a blast jumping in the pool.

    • TomatoTipper

      On the internet nobody knows you're a…. HORSE LIME.

  • electric boogalo

    The US financial bailout of 2008 cost more than the entire NASA budget – since it began. I don't hear any kids saying they want to be a banker or derivatives trader when they grow up.

    • PayHeed

      Penny4NASA. Get on it.

    • Will

      You don't? Maybe I just spend much time in Connecticut

  • Jeremy Nichols

    Did my water survival training in that pool. They teach classes to offset some costs of maintaining the beast.

  • Kassi

    Makes me want to watch Armageddon.

  • old man

    I'm guessing that pool may be older than you.

  • David

    I wonder how many thousands that little sign cost us in taxes.

    • PayHeed

      I wonder how many tax dollars you have cost us.

      • mynameis

        Well played sir!

  • keith21541

    Artificial limbs and light-emitting diodes are just a few of the advances made possible by NASA spin-off technologies. Suck on that Red Bull.

    • curmudgeon

      as well as most of the remote medical monitoring tech in hospitals, ER's. Pacemakers owe much of their success to NASA developments as well. so you cretins who bemoan the money NASA spends may someday have your miserable saved by one of those spin off technologies. Think about that before opening your yaps.

  • KCCO Kevin

    i had no idea NASA had a dive team!

  • Eder Paz

    See how clean it looks? It's what happens when people don't piss in that shit.

  • urmom

    That place was built in the mid 90s. True, fairly recent in NASA facility terms, but I don't think recent enough to be considered "these days".

    Also it's really interesting to visit if you're ever in the Houston area.

    • Rick E. Bear

      The Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory was built in the 60s.

      • urmom

        The renovation was the 90s. It wasn't called the NBL before then.

  • Leucifer

    Sorry Bob. Normally love The Chive…. but I can't support the crack on NASA.

    Neat pics. Check the attitude though.

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  • Tony F. 850

    I bet the pool boy gets one hell of a tip for doing that pool.

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