• Mitch

    I hope the people who do these "experiments" are smart enough not to do them in states where concealed carry is legal, and also notify local LEO's beforehand. This kind of thing will get people hurt or killed.

    • Euroranger

      Mind you, it could also work to cull out the weaker ones out of the douchebag herd.

    • iker33

      It would have been funny ( or not so funny) If kai the homeless hitchhiker with the hatchet would' ve been there : Saamaassh Samaassh samaash!!

  • Gino

    This has to be set up. It would take one guy with an EDC pocket knife for an actor to get seriously hurt.

    • Yum Yum Roll

      This was exactly my train of thought. I don't carry a concealed firearm – never shot a gun in my life. But I carry a knife very much like an EDC. And there's no fucking way I would just walk away from something like this. Even the smallest threat of force would probably make the actor break character.

  • anonagain

    its fake you dumbasses

    its just a Viral ad for new movie coming out in March.
    its well done but Fake for sure…

    on its own it would have ended in a lawsuit

    • Miller0700

      We know it's fake, it's the reactions that aren't and it's the reactions that count.

  • Brett Hall

    This was obviously in the UK where guns are banned. This would never fly here in Merica! I'm a concealed weapon carrier. This "Attacker" would have taken one in the skull. Not a smart "prank".

  • Lugh

    Whip out my CCW and put a few Hydra-Shoks in the mofo.

  • Hybrid

    this is sad but not surprising.

    in the event of something like this happening to anyone at any given time, makes you think to take nessecary precautions before leaving your home. perhaps some self defense courses, running proper scenarios in your head to defuse situations and even carry some time buying tools, like pepper spray, a tasers etc.

    quite frankly if most people wont jump in, why wouldn't you want to figure out the best possible tools to help yourself or others. sure this may be just a "prank" but this "prank" trend sends exactly how people would react.

  • MarK

    You've all seen the man that got hit by a car in the middle of Chicago and was laying dead on the ground and camera recorded at least a dozen people just walking past him and not even stopping as they look at him lay dead in the middle of the street. We live in the world where the only thing that matters is ME which is beyond sad because that means that your average stray dog has a stronger attachment to its species than the average human..

    • Miller0700

      The bystander effect. Happened here, happened there. Google it.

  • @BoBoZoBo

    1) People suck for just walking away.

    2) Those guy are lucky someone with balls didn't come along. I carry and had I walked in on that it could have been a different video. I love pranks, this one is fu@king stupid.

    • You got trolled.

      It's fake.

  • Dude

    I hope you all realize this is a movie advertisement. The experiment was scripted and is fake.

  • chesnie

    Shoot first ask questions later.

  • mike

    i wouldnt try this in a red state. probably wont end well.

  • Allan

    To be brutally honest if I saw that scenario I would yell stop, if the guy doing the choking didn't heed my commands I would have put a bullet in him. These type of pranks are VERY dangerous.

  • Bmw

    Extremely disappointing how some people don't care & walk away. Makes me sick.

  • gina

    Dude you are lucky someone didnt shoot you.that was my first thought kill the killer

  • Thomas138

    Just because you have a permit to carry doesn't mean you have a license to kill.

    • David

      The last resort is pulling the trigger.
      The hope is that the sight of a weapon will calm the attacker.

      If he still continues, take whatever means is needed to stop the attack.

  • mrs horton

    This is a prank! But what would you do???

    • David

      Ok, it's a prank.

      I was put in an oddly similar situation (man was about to kill his wife in a parking lot with a hammer).
      It was NOT a prank.

      I watched him hitting her for about 30 seconds (with his fists) while I called 911.
      When he pulled a hammer out of his truck and ran back towards her, I did the only thing I could do.
      I started running across the parking lot and pulled my pistol on him.

      I started screaming at him like a maniac to get on the ground.
      When he saw me with a weapon drawn, he immediately dropped the hammer and went face first on the pavement.

      Luckily it ended without further incident.
      I would have shot him if he didn't stop.

      I truly feel fortunate that I didn't have to, but would not have hesitated if it became necessary.

      He went to prison for attempted murder and she went through with the divorce.

      You asked "what would you do??? "
      That's what I did.

  • Jessi Davis

    wow. i'm glad some people helped but the guy taking the picture and the many who just walked away.. makes me lose hope for humanity.

  • Cremer Umlauf

    I hope they did this somewhere that concealed carry is not legal. I might have shot the guy, or at least draw my gun.

  • alic3

    If this is not staged these guys must be crazy; all it takes is someone with a weapon, some defensive fighting techniques or even worse a guy like hai the hitchiker with the hatchet and things could turn out real bad for them.

  • Stephan

    Most, if not all of you, would do the exact same thing…

  • Blaken1674

    This experiment is beyond unethical. The experimenter should be ashamed to put innocent people through such a traumatic experience.

  • jholmes

    I'm gonna hafta call bs… the risk of getting your hrsf stomped in would be a bit to high I would think.

    • jholmes


  • Reverend

    I would have drawn my concealed weapon and fired. A note to the video's creators, for your own benefit, please do not "experiment" in Missouri.

    Interesting side note: States with Concealed Carry laws have some of the lowest crime rates in the U.S. The states with the most stringent Anti-gun laws have the worst violent crime rates. Coincidence?

    An armed society is a polite society.

  • the_mike

    I would of punted that guy in the face., which one? Oh the one that needed to record it in the end. Fucks sake, what a waste of air.

  • Daniel

    How would it have ended for the actor if someone decided to kick him in the face?
    It's probably the most effective way to stop an situation like that!

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