What a peculiar place to put “quotation marks” (41 Photos)


  • Robin

    these definitely make me cringe. Although I believe that #29 probably needed the quotes because almost any veggie that's sold in a bag is "fresh" and "local" (using air quotes) and NOT fresh and local.

  • andulamb

    Makes you wonder where people get the idea that quotation marks are used for emphasis. That's what seems to be going on in most of these. I do think it's okay to use quotation marks for a motto, which is the case in #23 with "The Good Stuff" — but then they also put "Kettle Korn" in quotes, which is wrong.

  • blue_bronco

    Reminds my of Chris Farley

  • electric boogalo

    dafuq? Do 'tards think quotation marks are for "emphasis?" #19 I do that all the time.

  • David

    #7 Halfway quoted and added an apostrophe?
    Obviously from Oklahoma!

  • Pete

    Crazy, I've actually seen #1 out in a club in Santa Ana

  • Anomanom

    #5 Bees = Some guys who fapped in jars.
    #7 was on an NFL team but never actually played in a game.
    #26 We think they're important but we know you'll never even look at them.
    #40 Where voting = involuntary buttsex.

  • Fish

    'Merican School FAIL. No fuckin clue how to use quotation marks. Diptards.

  • Josh L

    #40, What REALLY goes on "back there"?

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