You have to respect some good ol’ fashioned redneck innovation (45 Photos)

  • Hot dog

    God's version of Redneck innovation….Jaimie Pressley!

  • Josh

    MERICA !! #29 What am I not seeing here ?

    • MARV

      fake mustang emblem….. #MERICA

    • Shawn Noyes

      I am guessing it is the Mustang symbol on a Ford Taurus

    • Bob Barker

      The fact it's not a Mustang?


      I am pretty sure that's an Oldsmobile.

    • ...

      its a ford taurus

    • bob

      that aint no mustang

  • mumbly_joe83

    Being non-american I think I'm missing the point of #29 Is it not a Mustang then?

    • SOhioChiver

      Ford Mustangs are all two door sports cars. This is a four door sedan Ford Taurus with a Mustang front grill emblem and vinyl tinted sun-shield thingy on the windshield. Don't forget the fake hood scoop and chrome hubcaps for added performance.

      • mumbly_joe83

        Pretty much a Ford Mondeo with some "extras" then

  • crustybubblechunks

    #45 Is pretty cool

  • ZZzzCoffeezzZZ

    Fuck Safety !

  • Moran

    #24 is he touching himself?

    • 3sixty production

      Built in glory hole

    • Anon

      Looks like he is about to anyways.

  • tv_paul

    #24 With this setup he'd better be careful when he's fapping .

  • Huell

    #18 wins

  • tv_paul

    #4 Yo Plaiter

    • me3p0

      It makes it better to hear the ads on theChive. 😀

  • jmf10

    #40 Awesome

    • The_Dood

      I did this with Vice-Grips for a few years. Whatever works…

  • Huell

    #2 If you can bounce one in, it should be an automatic win.

  • Robin

    #5 if x = (foosball table), y= (x + spoons) and (z = 0 = no foosball table) then


    it's as simple as that 🙂

    • MylesofStyles

      Actually, a foosball table in it's original state is better than one missing components (i.e. improvised with spoons), therefore your equation should read:


      You're welcome.

      • Robin

        Nah, I'm pretty sure foosball table with spoons dominates regular foosball tables

        • MylesofStyles

          I will accept your excuse for a retort, regardless of its level of improbability, simply due to the quality of ass in your profile pic.

          • Robin

            I wish my ass made winning arguments that easy in my daily life 🙂

            • MylesofStyles

              I wish your ass something, something, something, too.

    • DickFister

      Should have used forks

  • Billy

    #14 is a good idea

    • The_Dood

      A good way to cut 3/4 of your water pressure…

      • Anomanom

        Trying to beat flow restricted shower heads.

  • Dizzle

    #8 fail. Paid money for a specialty piece of wood but no knife in sight.

  • Michael McCray

    How many more times is #4 going to be posted?

    • chiver

      same thing I was thinking for half of these pics. I submit pics and never see them come up on here, yet I keep seeing the same pics reposted over and over again.

  • DRK

    #1 Genius
    #14 maybe not 4, bu might try it with 2
    #28 awesome

  • Rastapopolis

    Chive. Ads that cover my entire mobile web page that cant be closed? Seriously?

    • cpt obvious

      maybe get the app?

  • John Rathbun

    Is #44 an attempt to steal his neighbors satellite signal? Innovative? Yes. Discrete? Maybe not so much.

  • ODB

    Most of this stuff looks like some Mexican shit.

  • Hoot

    #38 is cool..

  • sfb101

    #28 Is very creative.

    • its_BACON

      Got a translation of what"cnupt" is?

      • reisnoh

        rubbing alcohol i would guess

      • sfb101

        I think it's Lamp oil or lighter fluid..

      • sureman123

        i think its Russian.. means "spirits"…. or basically any alcohol.. made these before and they actually work really well…

      • Jordan Leitner

        denatured alcohol is what i use, burns longer and burns clean so your pot doesnt get covered in soot.

  • CaptainInsano

    #34 Gets 10 gallons per mile

    • jasonB

      I think you missed a decimal point somewhere in there.

  • MSF Grad

    #23 = IDIOT

    • Rudiger

      He thinks the helmet will help when the string breaks!

  • mexican

    #35 is mexican not redneck..

  • mexican

    Sooo is #34 .

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