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Is your bracket already busted? Lucky for you, Draftstreet is hosting a free online fantasy basketball showdown for this Thursday night’s March Madness games. As before, it is a salary cap league where you assemble the best team given an allotted $100,000 salary cap. The better the player, the more they cost to own on your team. You start 3 forwards, 3 guards and 2 utility players. Pts. system is as follows: 1 fantasy point for each point scored, 1.25 fantasy points for every rebound, and 1.5 fantasy points for every assist…THAT’S IT.

The deadline to set your lineup ends when the first game begins at 7:15 EST PM on Thursday. You can get a full list of the rules HERE. Like I said before, it’s free to enter and winning some serious money is not far-fetched at all. So get to it, and good luck.


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