We’re giving away Military KCCO’s to all the Chivers who need them right now


Tomorrow for the first time in months, Military KCCO’s will be available at 3pm EST, Noon PST on theCHIVERY.

Today we’re going to be giving away the elusive shirts to any Chiver who needs one. Email us at chiverygiveaway@gmail.com with your reason. Feel free to email us on behalf of a fellow Chiver in the American Armed Forces.

For those familiar, theCHIVE will cover EVERY cost of the shirt, including shipping. We don’t put a limit on these giveaways, we simply give away as many shirts as we can until the costs on our end become absurd… and then we keep going until it goes full retard. This site wouldn’t be shit without our military Chivers’ support so it’s the least we can do.

For those of you who receive a shirt, just remember to pay it forward.

For the rest of you, please wait until the big show tomorrow, it’s your support that enables us to do this.

Here we go! chiverygiveaway@gmail.com


John n’ Leo

UPDATE: We’ve reached out vertical limit over here! Thanks to everybody who submitted some pretty touching stories.

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