Join theCHIVE’s free fantasy MLB league on Draftstreet and win $400

It's time for a little MLB fantasy action this month through Drafstreet. This week we are doing a pick-em style league, which couldn't be easier. There are 8 different tiers. In each tier there are anywhere from 2-10 players that have similar value for that night. All you have to do is pick a player in each tier and you are done. And the points are still the same as the traditional scoring (as they have been in the past).

The deadline to set your lineup ends when the first game begins on Friday, May 17 7:05 PM ET. You can get a full list of the rules HERE. Like I said before, it’s free to enter and winning some serious money is not all that hard. So get to it, and good luck.


I personally know nothing about Baseball and don't follow the sport, so I've essentially picked my players out of a hat. That train wreck of a team is posted below. Who knows, maybe I'll have a friend change it later, but for now....those are my guys.

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