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Just a reminder to all those interested in joining our MLB fantasy action league that’s hosted by, the games begin tonight at 7:05 PM EST. However things are a little different this time around. In this month’s Draftstreet competition those who beat my “expert” fantasy team will automatically win $5 dollars. And FYI, I know NOTHING about baseball and picked my team completely at random. In addition to the potential 5 dollars you would get for beating my score there is another $1000 prize pool that the top 10 spots will win from out of only 100 available roster spots. Now because the stakes are raised a little here and because so many people will be crushing my score there is an $11 entry fee. But again, you figure you can likely win 5 back easily and 10 out of 100 people will win more cash from the $1000 prize pool. So there is a little more risk, but there is also a lot more chance for big reward than the usual league.
So sign up early HERE.

…..Hints of my awful team located on the next page once you click on the post…..

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