The extravagant lifestyle of Floyd Mayweather is nothing short of ridiculous (25 Photos)

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    […] Ok! So it’s probably a week or so later. Welcome back! While you were gone I found out that Wu-Tang Clan is making a new Album called “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” of which they are only making a single copy of and will sell to only one person for reportedly ‘millions of dollars’. As well this double album will be stored in a gaudy silver and nickel box with a lock on it, so that it can be stored with your fine china… I guess. God bless Wu-Tang Clan, making only one copy of an album? I mean who the fuck does that? I thought artists made music because they wanted everyone to enjoy it, not just one dude with way too much disposable income… Well, I’m sure Floyd Mayweather will enjoy his new Wu-Tang album. Douche. […]

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