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[cf-link url=”” img=”” title=”bleacherjpg”]Things even the most cynical sports fans love (pics & article)[/cf-link]
[cf-link url=”” img=”” title=”TMZ-new-logo”]These “Breaking Bad” fans got a pretty cool souvenir from Aaron Paul (pics & vid)[/cf-link]
[cf-link url=”” img=”” title=”celebuzz-new”]Scarlett Johansson is the sexiest woman alive, again (pics)[/cf-link]
[cf-link url=”″ img=”” title=”Brobible”]The 15 best Halloween costumes for 2013 (pics & article)[/cf-link]
[cf-link url=”″ img=”” title=”gorillamask_thumb2″]Veronica looks excellent in a tiny white bikini (pics)[/cf-link]
[cf-link url=”” img=”” title=”Uproxx”]Did you catch this hilarious screw-up on ABC last night? (pics & vid)[/cf-link]
[cf-link url=”” img=”” title=”MentalFloss”]5 awesome inventions that enabled your laziness (pics & article)[/cf-link]
[cf-link url=”” img=”” title=”Filmdrunk”]Quentin Tarantino’s 10 favorite movies of 2013 (pics & article)[/cf-link]
[cf-link url=”″ img=”” title=”HollywoodTuna”]Bar Refaeli’s bikini tweets are great (pics)[/cf-link]
[cf-link url=”” img=”” title=”f=”]Cartoons: not just for Saturday morning anymore (pics & vids)[/cf-link]
[cf-link url=”” img=”” title=”BustedCoverage”]Katherine Webb and Dee Dee Bonner went clubbing this weekend, looked good doing so (pics)[/cf-link]
[cf-link url=”” img=”” title=”guyism”]The hottest celebrity Instagram pictures from this week (pics)[/cf-link]
[cf-link url=”” img=”” title=”Top5″]5 times the world almost went into nuclear war (pics & article)[/cf-link]
[cf-link url=”” img=”” title=”Ranker”]70 vintage Halloween costumes that will give you nightmares (pics)[/cf-link]
[cf-link url=”” img=”” title=”BNQT”]I need more of Carissa Moore (pics)[/cf-link]

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