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[cf-link url=”” img=”” title=”bleacherjpg”]Here are some of the best afros in sports history (pics)[/cf-link]
[cf-link url=”” img=”” title=”TMZ-new-logo”]Miley Cyrus and her new wheels (pics)[/cf-link]
[cf-link url=”” img=”” title=”TFM”]The many faces of devastation: Bama fans react to iron bowl thriller (pics & article)[/cf-link]
[cf-link url=”” img=”” title=”Brobible”]Emily Ratajkowski is trying to make the naughty list in her sexy lingerie (pics)[/cf-link]
[cf-link url=”” img=”” title=”Popoholic”]Selena Gomez is a shy/sexy flyer (pics)[/cf-link]
[cf-link url=”” img=”” title=”collegehumor_thumb2″]12 Super Marios in real life (pics)[/cf-link]
[cf-link url=”” img=”” title=”cracked_thumb2″]5 ways to make a gang of children lift a car off the ground (pics & article)[/cf-link]
[cf-link url=”” img=”” title=”trueTV”]The most notorious banned books (pics & article)[/cf-link]
[cf-link url=”” img=”” title=”Coed-New”]Emily Ratajkowsi’s butt confirmed for Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue (pics & article)[/cf-link]
[cf-link url=”” img=”” title=”Uproxx”]20 surprising facts you might not know about ‘Home Alone’ (pics & article)[/cf-link]
[cf-link url=”” img=”” title=”guyism”]Insta-sexy: The 101 hottest celebrity Instagram pictures this week (pics)[/cf-link]
[cf-link url=”″ img=”” title=”iab_thumb2″]These girls and their many special talents (pics)[/cf-link]
[cf-link url=”” img=”” title=”Ranker”]The 27 hottest Amanda Seyfried photos (pics)[/cf-link]
[cf-link url=”” img=”” title=”dlisted”]Zooey Deschanel might be a moody bitch (pic & article)[/cf-link]
[cf-link url=”″ img=”” title=”BNQT”]Sage Erickson should never get out of bed (pics)[/cf-link]

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