Join us tomorrow for BBQ lunch at theCHIVE!

Many of you remember Seth Ringley and Blake Giles. The BBQ gurus who created Triple G Relief dropped everything and to spend two months helping to feed victims of the F5 tornado that ripped through Oklahoma City last year.

Tomorrow in Austin we’re joining forces once again with the Triple G Relief boys for a special happening outside the new Chive HQ and we’re inviting all of you to join us for a free BBQ lunch at theCHIVE. There will also be some very worthy charities there we’d like you to meet:

Operation Blue Santa will be there as well as Austin Pets Alive! and all we ask is you give a small donation to help make Christmas a special time for underprivileged kids and maybe help get some cats and dogs some much-needed food.

Austin Pets Alive! is burning thru almost 6,000 lbs. of dog and cat food every month to sustain all the animals at this no-kill shelter. They could use our help and something tells me there will be a big check from us here at theCHIVE waiting for you when you get here tomorrow 🙂

Operation Blue Santa was the recipient of a $50,000 grant from Chive Charities last year and they are ramping up efforts to go even bigger this Christmas after the Chivers helped Blue Santa bring Christmas to over 4,000 families last year. I mean, it’s Half Christmas after all.

Most importantly – if you don’t have $5 to donate, don’t sweat it, just come by and experience some great BBQ and meet theCHIVE crew. The BBQ will be in the cul-de-sac next to theCHIVE HQ. Look for the firetrucks and Mac trying to adopt all the cats.


John n’ Leo

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