Mystery Tee Sale

For the past few months, we’ve been doing this Mystery Tee launch and everybody seems to really like it. The idea is simple: We make some of your favorite tees $10 for a few hours, you input your shirt size, and we send you a shirt.

Could be anything from Chive Originals to Banksy, even Buy Me Brunch. It’s a great way to experience a new design you may not otherwise know about unless you’re spending a ton of time on theCHIVERY.

The best way to participate is to sign up for theCHIVERY Newsletter. Reason being, we cap the number of shirts because giving tees away for $10 is silly – but screw it, it’s kind of funny. If you sign up for theCHIVERY Newsletter, you get your link about an hour before everybody else, around Noon EST. You can still participate on theCHIVERY but that link won’t go live until about an hour later.

Sign up for theCHIVERY Newsletter RIGHT HERE!

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