First-ever Brigade T-shirts…it's a Go

9 years ago, I took a job that led to working with the U.S. Army. I would eventually get to work with top brass from 4-star Gen. David Petraeus and other high-level leaders. However, my primary job was to show people the different routs that people could take by joining the Army. For example, instead of paying for dental school, a person could learn and practice while serving.

What I realized was that for PC reasons, the story of people serving in the Military was not being told. Fast forwards to 5 years ago, when Leo and John Resig (not only my cousins but we were all living together at the time) just getting started with theChive. We decided to create a website dedicated to telling the human side of the men and women serving in the Military (along with those serving in the Coast Guard as well as our Police, FD and First Responders).

theBrigade has always been my best attempt to take away the political aspect of supporting the Military to solely focus on the human side of serving.

I feel that it should be shown and said,
Thank you to those serving our country.

A portion of the money raised for theBrigade T-shirts will be donated to the CreatiVets Charity
Learn more about CreatiVets here

please consider purchasing a Brigade or one of our Military shirts today,
thanks guys

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