Kick off your weekend party with CHIVE TV’s Power Hour: November 6th (Video)

Power Hour is this week’s freshest hour of new programming that lives on CHIVE TV. What is CHIVE TV? It’s a channel on Roku that houses all the newest galleries and videos on theCHIVE, just on a larger TV screen! You can view galleries and videos with the Roku remote the same way you use theCHIVE app. CHIVE TV is just a big f*cking app.

CHIVE TV also has a kick ass feature called “Party Mode“. Party Mode was built specifically for TV’s in bars. It’s 5 hours of mind blowing, hilarious & sexy Chive styled video programming to keep bar patrons entertained while they pound drinks. We re-curate all the best videos and photos from the previous week to keep Party Mode fresh. If you are a bar owner or manager and want CHIVE TV in your bar, we will send you a free Roku stick by clicking HERE. Enjoy the show!

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