17 truth bombs nobody wants to hear

The truth hurts. That’s why we spend so much time and effort deluding ourselves with things like “hope” and “exercise.” But alas, the world is cruel, the universe indifferent, and life short. Might as well face those harsh facts about life we know deep down are true but don’t want to admit—and these people on Ask Reddit are making sure we understand.

1. chuckerton says your entire childhood is a lie.

Almost certainly some of your best childhood memories are false memories.

2. Well that’s just your opinion, dori_lukey.

Having an opinion doesn’t make you right.

3. Take whatever you can grab before ZaraPattinson does.

Good things don’t come to those who wait. They come to those who take them.


4. writewhereileftoff wrote this on company time.

That people often dont work as hard as they think they do. Everybody thinks their job is hard and everybody thinks they work hard. Sadly most people are easily replaceable at their job.

5. RicharKing is just saying what our dads told us everyday growing up.

You are as insignificant to most people on earth as a stranger you pass on the street is to you.

6. Like there’s such a thing as a “good person,” mremon17

That as long as you’re a good person, everything will turn out okay. Because sometimes, it won’t.


7. And don’t forget physical attraction, which is largely a construct, tankriderr!

Most relationships are based on self interest and mutual benefits.

8. Hexatona has no future in politics.

There’s no simple fix for America.

It takes hard work, and people willing to make hard choices. It means being uncomfortable, and being able to admit you are wrong.

9. Some people, like HacksawJimDGN, just want to ruin everything for everybody.

Scientists are pretty sure that a T-rex couldn’t roar.


10. Effort_to_decent apparently isn’t going to solve your problems.

No one is going to solve your problems but you

11. Brinner says our stores of wacky news are about to dry up forever.

Florida and Bangladesh are doomed, probably within the century. Rising seas and climate change will swamp them, slowly but surely. Miami’s no great loss but millions of climate refugees worldwide will create a humanitarian crisis.

12. Happy Valentine’s Day, from Squillimy.

You might not ever find the love of your life.

Yes, you may marry. But it might not work out. You might end up divorced, lonely, and unfulfilled at 60 years old. It is technically a possibility, it is not impossible.


13. Zerbils is either really good-looking, or really bad-looking.

No matter how much media tries to down play it looks matter a lot. Whether it’s conscious or not people are constantly judging everyone based off appearance. Most people already have an opinion on you before you even talk to them.

14. ChunkedUp is right, except for the daredevil beef cattle.

The animals we eat do not want to die.

15. Yes, JerBear_2008, and taller, too.

There are people out there who are better than you at everything you do.


16. Except in Hollywood and Brazil, NeverAware.

That not everyone is beautiful.

17. Well, LoZTimlin, isn’t talking about my kid.

Nobody wants to hear that their kid is stupid. Let me tell ya, odds are, your kid is stupid.

Via Reddit

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