9 Of The Filthiest Movies You Can Stream On Netflix

We all do it, so don’t even try to deny your habit of scrolling through Netflix’s more raunchy film selection. There’s just so much to choose from and it’s hard to believe some of these flicks were even approved by the streaming service. I mean, they’re essentially borderline porn with somewhat better production value, but who are we to judge? We’re obviously still watching them anyway.

Though there are many frisky movies to choose from, we grabbed you some of the dirtiest ones Netflix has to offer. So, get to streaming.

1. A Perfect Ending

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This Netflix hidden treasure follows the frustration of an overworked mother and wife looking for a new adventure in her life. Things get pretty steamy when her friends decide to hook her up with a high-end female escort service. Needless to say, this might not be a film to watch with your mom.

2. 10 Rules For Sleeping Around


If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be in an “open” marriage, this filthy comedy might be right up your alley. Two couples attempt to follow the 10 rules for having healthy open relationships and as you can imagine, shit hits the fan pretty quick.

3. Best Night Ever


This Netflix gem is essentially the female version of The Hangover. 4 chicks head out to Vegas for a bachelorette weekend and things get a whole lot of weird. Again, maybe not a good flick to watch with your mom, but a great one for a wine night with the girls.

4. Y Tu Mamá También


If you haven’t already seen this movie, please go stream it now. The love triangle including panty-dropper Gael García Bernal is enough to get anyone a little hot and bothered. Believe it or not, I actually saw this one for the first time during a Spanish class…yeah, it was unexpected to say the least.

5. Angels Of Sex


Not going to lie, this is one I’m probably going to go home and stream. If you’re a fan of Y Tu Mamá También, or any other raunchy foreign films, you’ll probably want to search Angels of Sex on Netflix. This steamy flick has one of the hottest love triangles we’ve seen yet.

6. The Guest House


From the same production company as A Perfect Ending, comes a film that is basically one step up from a porno. Girl meets girl and unexpectedly falls in love much to the dismay of the main character’s father. Like most pornos, the narrative is barely existent, but the “romance” gets pretty kinky.

7. Eating Out 4: Drama Camp


Though I have yet to see the other 3 installments in the Eating Out series, I can only assume they are as raunchy as this one. A slew of attractive campers of every sexual orientation come to drama camp and things get, well, pretty hot.

8. Room In Rome


If you enjoy watching very attractive women enjoy each other’s company, this foreign film might be just what you need. Two people have a chance encounter at a night club in Rome and then head back to their hotel to get to know each other a little better…

9. Sirens


This 1993 Hugh Grant film is about a colony of bohemian artists and models in Australia and is also the feature film debut of Portia de Rossi. As you can imagine, these artists are pretty free and open with their bodies, making a perfect environment for a husband and wife to explore their sexual desires.

You’re welcome.

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