Sex doll rocket, trust fails + more clips you need to see (Video)

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Guy rests head on axe target– Via ViralHog
Shooting range explosion damages truck – Via ViralHog
Sex doll rocket explosion – Via ViralHog
Turtles have sex next to leopard – Via Caters Clips
Raccoon rides on man’s shoulder – Via ViralHog
Rope swinger almost jumps on alligator – Via Jukin Media
Nasty water comes from pipes – Via ViralHog
Guy fights invisible opponent – Via ViralHog
Inflatable Nutcracker jacks off – Via ViralHog
Woman yells at mall Santa – Via ViralHog
Guy punches electrical box – Via ViralHog
Woman falls from balcony and breaks TV – User Submitted
Homeless man dances on street pole – Via ViralHog
Drunk man tased by police – Via Caters Clips

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