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7 Creepy Urban Legends That Happen to be True (pics & article) Sofia Vergara in a Bikini AY DIOS MIO!!! (pics) Tank Dog! I’ll leave it at that (vid) Darrell Hammond Reveals He Drank, Did Crack, Cut Himself during SNL run (article) The Top 31 Sluttiest Celebrity Halloween Costumes (pics) Kirsten Dunst’s ‘Big Boobs’ in […]


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Jessica is a sophomore, but who cares about that? (pics) Why isn’t SNL funny anymore? (article) Fastfood Meals for Failures (pics & article) CoCo’s body is made for one thing and one thing only (pics) Who knew Building A Skateboard Would Be So really (vid) The Black Keys Video: Hot Girls In Bikinis, Awesome […]


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(Above) Carrie Milbank has some chest cannons The 10 best Family Guy back to school clips has been the high point in my day so far I cheated, this is my punishment (pic) You’re a f*cking douche, she’s f*cking fat (pic) The real reasons you purchase Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue is pretty hot The 10 […]


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The 15 most punchable faces in sports movies (pics & article) Paul Walker’s death shocks the industry: Find out how he ended up as the passenger to the car (pics & article) 12 GIFs to tell everyone, hell yeah…she likes milk (pics) 19 sexiest elfie selfies for some instant Christmas spirit (pics) Hillary Duff knows […]

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Bear Grylls FIRED By Discovery Channel… (details) Zelda II Sex Scene–hilarious (vid) Miley Cyrus’ Ding Dang Ol’ Boobies Upstaged Jennifer Lawrence (pics) 20 Amazing Photos Of Horses Kicking Ass (vid) Megan Fox’s Cameltoe Hungers For Bagels (pics) Candace busts out of a gold bikini (pics) 7 Scientific Reasons You’ll Turn Out Just Like Your Parents […]

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21 Images You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photosphopped (pics & article) Rachael is a senior in college. I’ll leave it at that (pics) ‘Avengers’ Captain America, Thor Fight In Fan Footage–exclusive (vid) Sexiest NFL Fans in the Stands (pics) Kim Kardashian Wedding Photo: First Look! (pics) So apparently Brad Pitt’s assistant is smoking ass hot. Of […]

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Robyn looks like devilish fun (pics) ‘The Sexy Celebrities I’m Thankful For’ (pics) Believe it or not, some girls are sexy with curly hair (pics) 6 Deadly Injuries You Think You’d Survive (Thanks to Movies) (pics & article) Katheryn Winnick is your sexy blond of the day (pics) The two most interesting people on the […]


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Laurie is a sexy lil’ coed. Warning: She hangs out with douchebags I fear Jessica’s nickname is the ‘One Woman Babe Show’ and I believe it (pics) When Caberet meets art school students (blissfully nsfw) World’s bustiest bartenders (pics) Maybe the worst bathing suit ever. You’ve been warned (pic) Sexiest bodypaint I’ve seen in a […]