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Taylor Morris Dances (video)

Taylor Morris dancing with his girlfriend Danielle is truly a sight to see. Taylor’s constantly setting goals for himself these days (and exceeding them). Would you believe it’s only been 3 months since Taylor lost his limbs? The goal this time – The two lovebirds hope to attend a friends wedding on Labor Day weekend. […]


Taylor Morris meets the President of the United States

It’s not surprising that the story of Taylor Morris’ bravery has reached the White House. Last week, President Obama dropped by to check out our hero’s progress. I spoke to Taylor just after the President’s visit. “He was really nice and appreciative of my sacrifice. My girlfriend, Danielle, knows the President is a White Sox […]

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Taylor Morris eats a brownie (Video)

I just got off the phone with Danielle, Taylor’s girlfriend. She updated me on Taylor’s rehab, he’s progressing faster than anybody hoped. Taylor is already using his right hand prosthetic, he can even sign his name. Taylor was fitted for his left hand yesterday and doctors took a casting of his left leg. His legs […]


The Taylor Morris story: UPDATED

The story of Taylor Morris, the EOD sailor who had all four limbs amputated after an explosion in Afghanistan, has gone viral. I asked the Chivers to donate $30,000 for a down payment on Taylor’s dream cabin. But the Chivers had other ideas. As of this morning, you’ve donated over $250,000 to Taylor, you built […]