Drunk man scaling fence gets some much needed help from a young boy (Video)

Are You There God? It’s me, the drunk man who can’t get over this fence.


The Russian daredevils are at it again and it’s hard to watch (Video)

I honestly don’t want to promote this behavior because it’s such a terrible idea. Let me be clear that NOBODY should ever attempt stunts like this. However, the footage is just too damn good to pass up, so here goes…


Girl nearly gets killed trying to take the perfect picture (Video)

And today’s Darwin Award goes to this girl…


IceJJFish serenades us with ‘On the Floor’ (Video)

Dare I say, IceJJFish is the Frank Sinatra of our time.

Apparently, author and singer IceJJfish is really confident about his musical skills and talents and has long been publishing his creations on the web. But only his latest song ‘On the Floor’ became a “hit” and gained 3.7 million views on YouTube in less than a week…
Most commentators agree that this is the worst thing they’ve ever heard.

WARNING: If your ears start to bleed step away from the computer and recite five Hail Mary’s immediately.

It probably won’t help.


There’s nothing like almost killing your friend to bring you closer (Video)


Drunken Grand Theft Auto assailant gets instantly struck by karma (Video)

This inebriated man was in the street challenging cars to fights and generally being an asshole….


Yeah-Yeah grew up, and it hasn’t gone well (Video)


Video uploaded via the good people at Simple Pickup


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