Robin Williams’ USO show gets interrupted, and he handles it like a pro (Video)


Sh*t fighter pilots don’t say (Video)


So 2 gauge shotguns are pretty awesome (Video)


Soldier finds a pretty damn original way to surprise his family with a homecoming (Video)


U.S. Navy sailor surprises son dressed as Darth Vader (Video)

A U.S. Navy Sailor came home on a 92 hour leave to surprise his son at his Star Wars themed birthday party. His daughter, Princess Leia, was also in attendance.


Bounce Imaging sends cameras into dangerous situations so people can stay safely outside (Video)


After missing them for a few years, a Marine surprises his younger brother at one of his basketball games (Video)

They don’t get much more heartwarming than this


New Zealand soldiers farewell their fallen comrades with an amazing haka (Video)

The 2nd 1st performs their unit’s special haka as a farewell to their comrades who gave their lives.


6 Months in Afghanistan in 2 Minutes (Video)


Airman comes home as a Jedi to surprise his Star Wars loving son (Video)

And on his birthday too. Some moments are just perfect.


This poor woman sobs uncontrollably when her soldier husband surprises her at home (Video)

If I get to love somebody this much, whatever else happens, I’ll consider my life a lucky one. For more videos like this, check out Welcome Home Blog


These might just be the greatest people alive (Video)

Helmets to Hardhats is a program that helps veterans transition to construction jobs after they come home. These guys in particular were deployed after 9/11 and are now helping build the World Trade Center memorial in New York City. Men don’t get much better than this.


The best of soldiers surprising the people they love (Video)

Get your tissues out: The good folks at Welcome Home Blog put together this heartwarming compilation to celebrate the 4th of July and the soldiers who defend us all year round.


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