Utah State University students built a real life spiderman suit (Video)

Finally, humanity has overcome our biggest obstacle: obstacles


A little beagle welcomes her mom back from Iraq (Video)

Daisy hasn’t seen her mom in six months, and boy is she excited to finally be reunited.


The Taylor Morris story: UPDATED

taylor lead The Taylor Morris story: UPDATED

The story of Taylor Morris, the EOD sailor who had all four limbs amputated after an explosion in Afghanistan, has gone viral. I asked the Chivers to donate $30,000 for a down payment on Taylor’s dream cabin. But the Chivers had other ideas.

As of this morning, you’ve donated over $250,000 to Taylor, you built the entire cabin… and then some.

In 24 hours, you changed a man’s life for the better, forever. You’ve done good, be proud of yourselves today. Some related articles:

An injured sailor’s story goes viral.

Strangers buy dream home of amputee hero.

Bomb disposal expert who lost his arms and legs in IED blast documents his recovery online.


Soldiers coming home (Video)

Special thanks to all of the servicemen that made it out this weekend. We cannot tell you enough how much we appreciate what you have done for this country.


German shepherd fetches ball, comes back to find his soldier home from deployment (Video)

You can find more heartwarming videos like this at Welcomehomeblog


Stunning footage of fighter pilots running training exercises (Video)

The song is “Lonely Soul” by UNKLE


Sailor on leave surprises his grandma on her birthday (Video)

He’s been deployed for almost a year, but he showed up in time for Grandma’s 76th birthday picture


One on one soldier Tug of War: Canada vs USA! Who ya got? (Video)

The 31st Canadian Brigade Group was visiting Camp Atterbury in Indiana when they saw the way the soldiers there played tug of war. They liked it so much, one of them decided to give it a go.


Operation: Iraqi Trick Shots (Video)

This is what happens when you’re stuck in a warehouse in Iraq with nothing but a ball and a hoop.


Soldier coming home early casually surprises his wife in a Chick-fil-A (Video)

I think an onion truck must’ve just crashed outside my house.


Afghan war vet can’t handle slingshot ride (Video)

There will be no countdown.


Veterans support local Iraqi restaurant after vandalism (Video)

Iraqi war veterans poured in to the Babylon Restaurant in Lowell, MA to show their support after a string of hate-crimes left their front window shattered. The restaurant is owned by an Iraqi family that recently immigrated to the U.S.


Sailors Lipsynch to All I Want for Christmas is You

They’ve been deployed for 8 months and now they’re finally going home, so they made this video to show the world how they feel.


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