Bill F#@king Murray meets the Chivers! (5 Photos, Video)

This weekend, hundreds of Chivers descended upon Pebble Beach, CA for the wildly popular celebrity Pro-Am.

Included in that group were six soldiers stationed in Monterey, CA at the Defense Language Institute made their way down the coast on a mission:

1. Get a 'Chive On' group shot with Bill Murray
2. Get that photo on theCHIVE (the easy part)

The Chivers (above) from left to right are:

SPC Ross, Zachary PFC Byrd, Michael PFC Coulter, Cody, COL Bill Fucking Murray, SFC King PV2 Stainberg, Justin and PV2 Allen, Kaitlyn.

The soldiers got their opportunity with Bill Murray earlier than they expected. Just before the tournament began they met Bill, decked out in a Ghillie Suite no less, for the picture. But in the excitement they forgot to Chive On! By the time they remembered and spoke up, Bill was being whisked away. Bill yelled at them to meet him on the 15th hole for another try.

True to his word, Bill rejoined the group just after the 15th hole. This time, the soldiers were ready. Finally, our Chivers checked #1 off their list.

For the uninitiated, the scene was a heartwarming, jazz hands moment with Bill Murray and the troops. But the scene was actually a wink and a nod, a sly CHIVE ON from Bill Murray and the troops to all the Chivers out there. Classic.

Not known to them at the time, but CBS cameras captured the moment and broadcast it live nationally. The moment was later picked up by ESPN Sports Center.

Kaitlyn Allen summed up her experience:

We had the time of our lives. BFM was just as awesome as how you could imagine him in person. He punted a football that someone wanted him to autograph, he loves Chivers, he almost signed a baby's head, a woman asked for him to take a picture so he took her camera and took pictures of the crowd and gave it back to her, and our cab driver this morning told me he saw him last night drunk on top of a limo proudly exclaiming, "don't talk to me I'm a stick!" He was every bit Bill Fucking Murray.

Thanks for the Chive love, soldiers, and thanks for your service. Mission accomplished.

Check out the Sports Center clip below.


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