The Irish KCCO’s have returned!!!

irish lead The Irish KCCOs have returned!!!

For one day only, the Irish KCCO’s are back! St. Patrick’s Day is on a Sunday this year so this awesome holiday will last all weekend.

After last year’s stock sold out in minutes, we’ve been working really hard to make this 12 hour pre-sale possible but the supplies are still limited. There is a relatively good chance the Irish won’t last the full duration. The sooner you order the faster you’ll get your shirt!

We also know a lot of Chivers are getting shirts for their friends. Despite the numerous requests, we are keeping the limit at 5 per order. But we do think it’s awesome that many of your are thinking about your friends.

Please allow up to 14 days for delivery.

We might also be opening up some of your favorite Chive Tees today, so pay attention.

Men’s and Women’s Irish KCCO’s available RIGHT HERE.

UPDATE: I don’t really know what to say here. We ordered 20X more Irish KCCO’s this year than we did last year, and theCHIVERS simply annihilated the stock in ways we’ve never seen before (and that’s saying a lot). All sizes are SOLD OUT. To those of you who scored the shirt, congrats!


theCHIVE is hiring an assistant content curator

That's right, with the recent explosion of user-based submissions, theCHIVE is in need of an extra hand (preferably with the Midas touch) to help sift through our inbox and find the best content on the internets. But the position won't be open for long, and you only have until Friday,  March 1st to upload your video and resume. To find out more about this exciting position, go HERE

Good luck!!

That's right, with the recent explosion of user-based submissions, theCHIVE is in need of an extra hand (preferably with the Midas touch) to help sift through our inbox and find the best content on the internets. But the position won't be open for long, and you only have until Friday, March 1st to upload your video and resume. To find out more about this exciting position, go HERE

Good luck!!


So there’s gonna’ be an afterparty in Atlanta at Churchills!

church lead So theres gonna be an afterparty in Atlanta at Churchills!

All the Chivers have arrived in Atlanta. We’re in a hotel right now drinking and there’s a good vibe going on. Patty has already switched to bourbon.

Tickets to the official ATL meetup sold out in minutes and we know a lot of people weren’t fast enough on the trigger. We’re going to head over to Churchills British Pub, Buckhead tonight around 11pm for an afterparty. So if you missed out, this is your chance to raise a glass with everybody. Come as you are, no tickets needed.

We’ll see the rest of you tonight at the official meetup!

* If Patty doesn’t make it, don’t be surprised.

* Has anybody seen Mac? Please return him. Or don’t.


theCHIVE’s Official Atlanta Meetup Tickets Available Now!

 theCHIVEs Official Atlanta Meetup Tickets Available Now!

This meetup has been a long time in the making. We’re taking the entire Chive crew to Atlanta and it’s shaping up to be one of our biggest meetups ever.

It’s all going down Friday, February 22nd at the Lost Dog Tavern on Roswell Rd. from 7-10pm.

There will be an after party but we have not designated a location yet. Email us here if you’re a bar owner and don’t mind your establishment being flash mobbed by reveling Chivers.

Let’s get to it. Tickets for theCHIVE’s Official Atlanta Meetup available RIGHT HERE.

As always, Mac has not been invited but he will probably sneak in. We can’t wait to raise a glass or ten with our ATL Chivers! See you soon.


The KCCO’s are back! Including long sleeve KCCO’s!

kcco lead1 The KCCOs are back! Including long sleeve KCCOs!

After being sold out for months, The KCCO’s have returned to theCHIVERY! All of our shirts are now custom cut and sewn right here in the USA. We really did put a ton of work into making the perfect t-shirt. With the gold foil label and QR codes, the shirts are impossible to forge.

And we know y’all have been waiting for this… the super-soft KCCO Hoodies are back in men’s and women’s sizes. It’s like wearing a hug.

The KCCO Tee (including the new long sleeve) available RIGHT HERE.

Green and Black KCCO Hoodies available RIGHT HERE.

UPDATE: All men’s and women’s sizes SOLD OUT.


Introducing Offerman Woodshop!

offerman lead Introducing Offerman Woodshop!

Today theCHIVE and Nick Offerman are proud to announce the newest Chive Tee, Offerman Woodshop. We couldn’t think of a better person to team up with than Nick. He’s one of the most honorable men we’ve met in this strange Hollywoodland.

Today also marks the release of theCHIVERY’s Custom Cut & Sew Line. All Chivery Tees will now possess consistent sizing and uniform fit – with the same familiar softness; all made here in the USA.

Offerman Woodshop available in men’s and women’s sizes RIGHT HERE.

We know these tees will not last long and we promise to bring you another release of O.W. sooner than later! Good luck!



The Chivette Line returns, including new Chivette Cheeky Bottoms and Lacy Thongs!

chivette line The Chivette Line returns, including new Chivette Cheeky Bottoms and Lacy Thongs!

The Chivette Line is expanding and we’ve never been more excited for both our Chivettes and the lucky bastards who get to see the new gear on their girls.

In addition to the Pink KCCO and Chivette Socks, today we’re launching two new wildly-anticipated items – The ultra sleek and comfortable Chivette Cheeky Bottoms and Chivette Lacy Thongs! Both available in Black, Pink, and Chive Green.

Nothing is going to last long so here we go:

The all new Chivette Cheeky Bottoms 3-pack available RIGHT HERE.

Chivette Lacy Thong 3-pack available RIGHT HERE.

KCCO Pink available RIGHT HERE.

The awesome Chivette Socks have returned RIGHT HERE.

Good luck!



Brendan Marrocco brings the charitable side of theCHIVE to global stage

time magazine Brendan Marrocco brings the charitable side of theCHIVE to global stage

By now most Americans have heard the story of Brendan Marrocco. The U.S. infantryman who lost all four limbs in a roadside bomb in Iraq recently received a rare and successful double arm transplant. As Brendan wheeled himself out to globally-televised press conference, you couldn’t help but notice the slogan on his shirt, ‘Keep Calm and Chive On.’

For all of us Chivers, it was a wink and a nod to the community he loves. But to those unfamiliar with theCHIVE, it raised the obvious question, “What is theCHIVE and why does this kid like it so much?” Our inbox is a whole mess’a media requests.

Time author Rebecca Nelson’s article not only reveals theCHIVE’s popularity amongst the military, but also explains how theCHIVE and Chive Charities, ‘has surprisingly noble side…. an online community that supports orphaned causes.’

Read the entire article RIGHT HERE.

And tune in later today, Chivers. The Chive community helped us do something very cool last week for one of our USAF Chivers. You’re not going to want to miss this.


Canadian and Canadian Military KCCO’s have returned!


After many months off the grid, Canadian KCCO’s are back! We’re as excited as you are. They are not going to last long so here we go:

Canadian KCCO’s available in men’s and women’s sizes available RIGHT HERE.

Canadian Military KCCO’s in all the colors of the Canadian Armed Forces RIGHT HERE.

* You do not need to be a member of the Canadian Armed Forces to purchase these badass shirts.

** Yes, a Canada meetup is in the future. It’s cold up there now and Mac has fragile bones so spring/summer is more likely. We are narrowing down the cities now. As always, feel free to sound off in the comments.

UPDATE: All Men’s and Women’s sizes SOLD OUT.


Enhanced Green and Black KCCO Hoodies have returned!

 Enhanced Green and Black KCCO Hoodies have returned!

For at least the next few minutes, Men’s and Women’s KCCO Hoodies are back and we’ve made some awesome enhancements to the hoodies. We’ve matched the green color to our OG KCCO Tees and the fit is a bit more roomier. The inside of the hoodie is still super-soft and cozy. It’s like wearing a hug.

Men’s and Women’s KCCO Hoodies Available RIGHT HERE!

Good luck!

UPDATE: All men’s sizes SOLD OUT.

A few women’s hoodies remain RIGHT HERE.

UPDATE #2: All sizes SOLD OUT.


Chivers, send in your holiday card photos!


It’s that time of year again. Time to explain to your mom that Best Buy doesn’t sell iTunes and see how drunk you can get off the Malibu Rum you stashed away in high school.

Any holiday season would not be complete without the classic horrible Holiday Card. We’ve already received a few submissions and want to see what the Chivers can do.

Grab a camera/roommate/family/pet and use our handy-dandy submit page and make sure to include ‘Holiday Card’ in the title. Next week, we’ll run a gallery of the best ones!


Before the Cyber Monday madness begins, here’s to the Chivers in need

add charity Before the Cyber Monday madness begins, heres to the Chivers in need

Before CyberMonday officially begins, it’s time to address what this holiday season and theCHIVE is actually about, goodwill and charity. Right now there are thousands of Chivers waiting in cyber-line hoping to claim Keep Calm and Chive On for a friend or family member who simply can’t afford it. I’ve read all your emails, and although I can’t respond to every one, I can do something about it.

We’re going to begin the insanity by giving away hundreds of enhanced KCCO’s to Chivers in need. Email chiverygiveaway [at] gmail [dot] com right now on behalf of person who needs the KCCO. You must include their name, the reason, an address, and shirt size. You will not be charged. theCHIVE will assume all costs of the shirts, including shipping.

If you don’t absolutely need one, please wait a half our for the big show to begin. It’s your support that enables us to do this. As usual, I have not set a limit on how many shirts we’re going to give away, I’ll allow this giveaway to continue as long as I possibly can.




Tickets for theCHIVE’s Official Austin Meetup available right now!

rattle lead1 Tickets for theCHIVEs Official Austin Meetup available right now!

Here we go. Tickets for theCHIVE’s Official Austin Meetup are available right here. We’ll be pouring ourselves into the Rattle Inn this Thursday from 7-10pm local time.

This is an open bar. Your ticket includes all-you-can-guzzle liquor and beer all night. As usual, we’re not making a dime on the event, these meetups are what bring us all together and we don’t think anything is more important than raising a glass with Chivers and getting your input on what you like, as well as what we can change. You must be 21 to attend.

*Disclaimer* Mac has been invited to the event. One of his cats has relatives in the Austin area and we thought it would be rude to leave him and Sparkleton von Sparklebark at home.

The Rattle Inn is a large space so this will be our biggest meetup ever. Tickets available RIGHT HERE. Get them while you can!

UPDATE #1: Some tickets remain but going fast…

UPDATE #2: Tickets are SOLD OUT. We are trying to open up an additional 100 tickets. If that happens we will release them tomorrow at Noon Central Time.

UPDATE #3: Look like we’re gonna be able to pull this off. Another 100 tickets tomorrow at Noon Central Time!


theCHIVE is hiring an iOS and Android Mobile Developer

mobile developer job graphic theCHIVE is hiring an iOS and Android Mobile Developer

theCHIVE is always striving to make your mobile experience better and better and we are stepping up our game and hiring two in-house developers for iOS and Android. We have been outsourcing development of our apps since day one and we have heard your requests for bug fixes and new additions loud and clear and we’re hitting the accelerator.   If interested and qualified for either of the mobile developer positions, please click HERE to learn more.

– If your iOS app is force closing upon opening after the latest revision 1.5, you may have to uninstall and re-install it. We know this is a bitch and not the best workaround, but it will work and it’s a necessary evil. The old version was storing too much information locally on your device and this will essentially “clear your cache” and this is the first and last time you’ll ever have to do this. Click HERE to download v1.5

– A new Android version is coming out by the end of the month

- Animated GIFs! I swear on Mac’s virginity

– The ability to upload photos directly from your phone

– Cross platform sign-on and commenting

– Captions and text will be present on the apps

– The ability to locate and connect with Chivers in the real world (this is why we ask for your location and you’ll be able to turn this feature ON/OFF)

Your suggestions are always welcome and thanks again for your patience. KCCO!


This Thursday, theCHIVE comes to Austin!

rattle lead This Thursday, theCHIVE comes to Austin!

Tomorrow at noon CST, tickets for the much-anticipated official Austin Meetup will be available. For those of you were were there for our impromptu 4th of July meetup, you already know how much fun this is going to be. This time, I’m bringing the whole Chive crew with me. We’ll fill you in on all the details tomorrow.

We are also looking for an after-party venue. Please email us at thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com if you’re interested in hosting that event. Please only email us if you work at the potential venue. Reason being, you’ve never seen a bartender so frightened to see hundreds of Chivers steamroll a bar at midnight with no heads-up. It’s kind of hilarious.

The Rattle Inn
610 Nueces St.
Austin, TX 78701
Thursday Nov. 15th 7-10pm


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