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The entire CHIVE and BERRY crew are making the trek from LA to party in probably the greatest city in the world, New York City. We’ve rented out Slate Bar in the Flatiron district a week from today and we hope to see ya’ll there!

Where: Slate Bar – 54 W 21st St (between 5th Ave & 6th)
When: 7-10 PM
Price: $60 which includes all beer, wine, and booze
Entertainment: Probably a world renowned DJ, or at least a really really good one.
Stipulations: Guys, if you buy more than 3 tickets, at least one of them has to be for a GIRL, with a vagina. Gender will be checked at the door without rubber gloves.
We have 40 discounted tickets set aside for the badass firefighters and police officers of NYC. CLick HERE to purchase tickets.

Disclaimer: As with all Chive meetups, there are no corporate sponsors and we don’t make a dime off the event.
We could only get a venue for 500 people so space is limited and tickets will go fast. After 8pm, tickets can be purchased at the door BUT it’s a one-in-one out scenario so you’ll have to be patient.

Tickets can be purchased HERE

UPDATE: All tickets SOLD OUT

So this is kinda’ cool. Universal Pictures has asked theCHIVE to host an advanced screening of the new comedy ‘TED’ starring Seth MacFarlane, Mark Wahlberg, and Mila Kunis, on Monday, June 25th in LA.

The film doesn’t drop in theaters until June 29th so this is badass.

I personally can’t wait to see this film because it actually looks fucking hysterical. So here’s the deal:

The first 250 Chivers to RSVP to tedthechive [at] gmail [dot] com will receive a ticket to this screening. You can request a +1 if you like. You MUST receive a confirmation email to attend. This screening is first come first serve, so please plan to arrive early to secure a seat.

All of theCHIVERS will be in attendance except for Mac, who will probably show up anyway. We’re all looking forward to sharing some lol’s with our fellow Chivers so get to your email, go!


John n’ Leo

Screening Location:

The Landmark Theater

June 25th, 7PM

10850 W. Pico Blvd., Suite 520, Los Angeles, CA

Theater 7

This is an R-Rated film so you must be over 17 to attend.

Presented byPost Sponsor

Hey All,

We’re looking for 3 (male) Chivers who live in the LA area who would be willing to donate their hair to charity. This is not a shave-your-head situation, we’re teaming up with Axe Hair to give your head a makeover of sorts, so you might actually come out of this looking good!

Disclaimer: You might not actually come out of this looking good.

You must have more than 8 inches of disposable hair.

Submit a photo and contact info to thechivehair [at] gmail [dot] com.

You’ll be hanging out with us all day at theCHIVE offices, and we apologize ahead of time for that, there’s no excuse for us.

theCHIVE has teamed up with Adam Sandler’s new comedy, That’s My Boy, to create a new brand of Father’s Day cards, If Father’s Day Cards Were Honest.

Let’s face it, when we send our dads a Father’s Day card, we rush to the local drug store, pick out the corniest card, write the first nice thing we can think of, and stick the card in the mail.

This year, we want the Chivers to create the most honest and funny card they could ever possibly send to their fathers. You can use an actual card and simply snap a photo of it, or even create a card online if you like. As long as it’s honest, it’s fair game.

Send your submissions to One week from today we’ll post the top 20 submissions on Monday and let you vote on the funniest Father’s Day card. Get creative and be honest!

With the mind-blowing underground growth theCHIVE has experienced over the past year, we need to man-up and continue providing our users with the awesomeness they come to expect. The user submits are now in the thousands per day and we do a pretty damn good job staying on top of them, but Mac and Doug need a social life (even though they have zero game) and need help. On top of it, they have both been promoted and we need a new intern.

But we’re not hiring an intern, we’re hiring a Prospect. What’s the difference? Interns come and go, Prospects, if they can handle the mental/physical abuse and half-nekkid girls walking around on occasion, are here to stay. And that’s what we need, an eager Chiver who will bust their ass, prove their worth and grow with us. The Prospect period will not last more than 6 months before either being fired or promoted to Apprentice. Once on the apprenticeship path, you will one day be posting your own galleries on theCHIVE as an Author. But you must prove yourself. And that means we need to see INITIATIVE, sitting on your ass all day won’t go unnoticed; you must take the time to learn what we do, ask questions, and get to know the Chivers. We can’t tell you to stay late and work all night, but if I were you, I’d do it anyway.

As with any job call-out, we get submissions from all over the world and it’s a bitch to sift through. That said, we are going to vet the prospects by asking anyone interested in the job to send in a one-minute video explaining why they are the man or woman for the job. You can email us a raw video file or post it on youtube, vimeo, youporn -wherever, as long as we can view the video.

You have till Wednesday, April 4th to email us your video. We will be interviewing the following week, so you’ll need to be available if you make the cut. The position will start Tuesday, April 17th. You must live in LA or relocate near Venice Beach by April 17th (if hired). Send your videos to workatthechive[at]gmail[dot]com. Please include your name and location within the video.

For more information on this position, click HERE.

By popular demand from our men and women serving in the armed forces, we bring you the Military KCCO -sneak peek HERE. We want to make sure all military personel and veterans can get this shirt so we are opening it up for presale on Thursday, March 15th at noon PST.

Since it is a presale we cannot sellout but you won’t receive the shirt until Thursday March 29th-March 31st*

This presale is open to enlisted military personel (including officers ;), veterans and the friends and family of soldiers who may be deployed and don’t have the means to order/receive the shirt. You do not need a military ID to purchase this shirt, but if you are not currently serving, a veteran, or friends / family, please do not order this shirt until after the presale.

-100% cotton (not as thin as the traditional green KCCO)
-The KCCO logo has been lowered to allow for use under uniforms
-The reversed flag is on the right sleeve by popular vote
-Additional items purchased with the KCCO shirt will not arrive until 3/29-3/31*
-Limit 5 shirts per order

*If the order is being sent anywhere outside the US, especially oversees, it could take an additional 1-2 weeks

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