If you missed the horror of the original Bane Cat video, check it out MEOW.

Amy Adams and Pete Davidson re-create a famous scene from the blockbuster holiday movie ‘Love Actually.’ Sadly, the skit was cut due to time constraints.

Rapper Mac Lethal recently got an email from a guy named Darryl. The email explains how Darryl found out his girlfriend, Nicole, was cheating on him, and asks Mac to help him break up with her:

“Dear Mac — Today I found out my girlfriend Nicole is cheating on me. How I found out was a little weird. I found a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios in the sink. The thing is, she doesn’t eat f***ing gluten. I got suspicious and broke into her Facebook account while she was at the Taylor Swift concert, and discovered that she’s cheated on me with 6 different guys! Please make a video that I can send to her as my way of breaking up with her.

Darryl from Ohio


A Kansas City police officer was returning from his shift when he noticed two cold and lost dogs on the side of a busy road. Instead of calling it in and hoping for the best, the officer pulled to the side of the road and kept the dogs warm until help could arrive. The two pups were reunited with their owners shortly after.


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