The very latest in Japan insanity is here: a phone app that reads your mood. Which wouldn’t be so weird, except that it comes with a furry tail that wags when you’re happy and droops when you’re sad, so that everyone can tell, just by looking at you, that you’re completely insane.

new orleans meetup no details theCHIVE is throwing an official meetup in New Orleans this weekend!

This Friday, theCHIVE is coming to The Big Easy this weekend for an official Chive meetup and a free screening of Seven Psychopaths starring Collin Farrel and Woody Harrelson (Opening Oct. 12th). As many of you know, you can find us listening to jazz and drinking bourbon at Fritzles every few months. We find heavy booze and great jazz resets us creatively.

Warning: We have invited Mac. I owe him a favor and he swore he wouldn’t talk, only creep.

After the screening, we’ll be heading to the French Quarter for the balcony bacchus. We’ll be announcing the times, location, and making the tickets available (they’ll be inexpensive) around 1pm EST tomorrow. This is your heads up, you’ll need to be quick on the draw! Good luck and we’re looking forward to raising a glass of Abita Amber with our fellow Chivers!

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He came here to chew bubblegum and catch some balls….and he’s all out of bubblegum.

This insane catch by San Francisco Giants baseball player Pablo Sandoval.

military and firefighter feature If theres a special need, were giving away Military and Firefighter KCCOs right now

Last Friday we announced that both Military and Firefighter KCCO’s will be made available this Thursday at 12pm PST, 3pm EST on theCHIVERY. Since the announcement, we’ve had dozens of emails from friends and wives of soldiers on deployment as well as injured soldiers/firefighters requesting the insanely elusive Chive shirts. The volume of special requests simply cannot be ignored.

We’re going to grant all of the requests right now, or as many as we can within reason. We know many soldiers are unable to hop online when the shirts are available. Let’s face it, the Wi-Fi in Afghanistan is dogshit.

Email chiverygiveaway [at] gmail [dot] com right now on behalf of person who needs the Firefighter/Military KCCO. You must include their name, the reason, an address, and shirt size. You will not be charged. theCHIVE will assume all costs of the shirts, including shipping. To many, Military KCCO’s are more than just a shirt. For those on deployment or in the VA hospital, it’s the small things that make a big difference.

I’m not placing a limit on the shirts, I’ll shut it down when my accountant calls and screams at me for the third time I guess. This is the internet honor system of course, so please wait until the big game on Thursday if you can afford one, it’s your support that enables us to do this. We’re about to lose our shirts on this idea, literally, and I really don’t care.



UPDATE: We’ve reached the outer limits of our requests and I’ve got to close it down. We hope these shirts help, we really do.

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