World’s largest collection of cute raccoons (35 Photos)

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  • Barry Johnson




  • Costin

    Picture 16 is actually a red panda, not raccoon..

  • pazuzu

    i wish i was a racoon

  • http://vulpes-aurum.deviantart.com/ Dank Afro Nugs Grape

    That’s it. I’m getting a pet raccoon.

  • Equalizer

    They have Rabies…

    • rainna

      you are full of crap… not all raccoons have that… mine never did…

  • HellHathNoFury

    People say that all the time, and I wonder what makes them think so. if an animal has rabies, it won’t eat, clean itself, be around other animals, and it can’t get enough water. Raccoons are constantly cleaning their hands, always in packs, and looking for food.

  • Brandon

    And they don’t automatically have rabies. They need to have it transmitted from another infected animal. I would love to have a baby raccoon to domesticate; they’re definitely cuter than most dogs.

  • Sven

    I had a pet Raccoon, they are such interesting creatures. Brings back the memories

  • Grace

    I have a picture of my raccoon, Maurice, that would go nicely in this collection. How do I make this happen?

  • Cara

    #8 is like Return of the Raccoon Zombies!

  • hMMMM

    Coons are gross. They are NOT cute.

    • rainna

      why are you on this site old man… maybe you looked in the mirror and seen your self.

  • elvira moore

    raccoons are also as cute as cats but can they be pets?

    • cindy

      i would not take one from the wild. they require a lot of time i had one the mother left to die so i raised it . you will lose a whole lot of sleep since they are nocturnal. its a lot of work

      • rainna

        my baby raccoon slept through out the night and was up all day.. it depends on how you raise them from when their eyes are closed… he only got up at night to eat and use the litter box..

    • rainna

      yes they can be pets.. i had 1 till he passed away.. he was loveable and neat.. when you get one raise it with love and alot of you're time.. he or she will always stick up for you and show alot of compassion towards you..

  • angry mom

    what is with all these inappropriate pictures, my daughter is doing a project on Raccoons and she tries to print off the pictures of this cute raccoons and she all so gets these nasty pictures. What is our society coming to and do not women believe in themselves. I have a house of daughters and don't remember showing our bodies off, to be beautiful. Where is the intergrity?

  • rainnnna

    i raised a baby raccoon… till he passed away…. get a life angry mom..!!!

  • maggie

    I might just be 8 years old but I saw a baby raccoon all alone it lost its mom i feed it and took good care of it till he found his mom I have a question if you were a baby raccon and you lost your mother how would you feel write back if you can

  • Telephone Man

    'Coons are cute, but they can be monsters. Also can carry fleas and rabies. That being said, still cute post.

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